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Super Junior Fic Directory
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Updated: 8 January 2012

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100 words

anticipation | Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi/Sungmin | PG-13 | 100 words
Two days after SJM returns from China.

bright lines | Siwon/Donghae | PG-13 | 100 words
Donghae marks his territory.

drabble 15 | Siwon/Hankyung | PG-13 | 100 words | (drabbles 07)
Siwon tastes Hankyung.

drabble 24 | Kangin/Leeteuk | PG | 100 words | (drabbles 07)
After the infamous card-kissing game.

make me a supermodel | Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi | PG | 100 words
AU. Zhou Mi and Kyuhyun as rival models.

new rules for the game | Donghae/Sungmin | PG-13 | 100 words
Sungmin plays only to commit.

shifting the blame | Kangin/Sungmin | R | 100 words
Sungmin blames Kibum.

smudge | Kibum/Donghae | PG-13 | 100 words
Kibum doesn't like the way Jessica looks at Donghae.

a study in failure | Kibum/Donghae | PG | 100 words
Kibum should never take Donghae to the library.

submission | Siwon/Hankyung/Heechul | PG | 100 words
Heechul only thinks he's in charge.

sunlit days with you | Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun | PG | 100 words
Their day off.

superpowers | Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi | PG | 100 words
AU. Zhou Mi's supposed to be the hero to challenge Kyuhyun's evil genius?

television personalities | bandfic, gen | PG | 100 words
SJ watches SJM on TV.

try something new | Kibum/Donghae | PG-13 | 100 words | (genderswitch)
Donghae turns into a girl.

what you meant to say | Siwon/Hankyung/Heechul | PG | 100 words
Hankyung's telepathic and it's not as fun as it sounds.

< 1000 words

1 (Way) 2 (Say Those) 3 (Words) | gen, bandfic | PG | 735 words
How Super Junior spends their free time.

5 Love Letters Donghae Received + 1 He Didn't | Kibum/Donghae | PG | 980 words | (xmas 09)
In which Kibum stops saying it, but doesn't stop meaning it.

5 Times HyukSu Were Caught Doing Questionable Things + 1 Time They Caught Someone Else | Hyukjae/Junsu | PG-13 | 890 words | (xmas 09)
(crossover with DBSK) In which Junsu and Hyukjae think they're hilarious, and Heechul does not.

15 Facts Lee Sooman Doesn't Know About Super Junior | various, bandfic | PG-13 | 350 words
What it says on the tin.

achilles' heel | Han Geng/Heechul | R | 702 words
AU. Han Geng is Kim Heechul's dirty little secret and he likes it that way.

ad infinitum | Siwon/Donghae | PG | 400 words
Siwon and Donghae, with no end in sight.

After the Drought | Victoria, Zhou Mi | PG | 850 words
(crossover with f(x)) Siblings catching up.

any excuse will do | Zhou Mi/Sungmin | PG | 520 words
A spontaneous date in an airport.

At the End of All Things | Kibum/Donghae | PG | 690 words
I wanted to tell you, I've always loved you.

at your side again | Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi | PG | 154 words
Seeing each other for the first time in a long time.

The Bases of Relationships | Tablo/Eunhyuk friendship | PG | 480 words
(crossover with Epik High) A fangirl's decode book: Standing next to each other means they are in love.

bossy | Leeteuk/Kyuhyun | PG | 562 words | (suju meme drabbles 2)
Leeteuk has the right because he's invalid.

breaking dusk | Kibum/Donghae | PG | 273 words
Donghae glows and Kibum wants to know why.

cocky | Kibum/Kyuhyun | R | 605 words | (suju meme drabble 1)
Kibum helps Kyuhyun remember his place.

Comes with the Territory | Kibum/Donghae | NC-17 | 980 words | (smut meme)
Donghae's in a skirt.

Complementary | Kangin/Leeteuk | PG | 707 words
It's not fanservice. But it's not what you think it is either.

confessions | Kibum/Donghae | PG | 402 words | (suju meme drabbles 6)
Donghae confesses. Multiple times.

copper and salt | Yesung/Kyuhyun | PG-13 | 462 words
AU. Beating people up is manly, even if you do it with gloves on.

coup d'état | gen, Kyuhyun/Ryeowook | PG-13 | 650 words
AU. There's a power reversal in the works.

cunning | Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun | PG | 414 words
You can't spell Slytherin without 'sly'.

curiosity | Yesung/Ryeowook | PG-13 | 595 words | (genderswitch)
Yesung's habit of crawling into people's beds at night causes some problems after he turns into a girl.

Dear Post Secret | SME-centric | PG | 785 words
Fifteen secrets kept in SM Town. The things they can't - or don't know how - to say.

disbelief | Hyukjae/Junsu, others | PG-13 | 651 words (suju meme drabbles 9)
(crossover with DBSK) Junsu thinks Hyukjae is stupid in the dick.

the etiquette of gate-crashing | Henry/Ryeowook | PG-13 | 572 words
AU. All guests are requested to RSVP.

everything | Zhou Mi-centric | PG | 271 words
Zhou Mi is a hot bitch, no one else matters.

faith | Siwon/Heechul | PG | 575 words | (suju meme drabbles 5)
Heechul tries to find the words.

flavor of joy | Siwon/Sungmin | PG | 324 words
AU. I thought crushes like this stopped after high school.

foreplay | Heechul/Donghae | NC-17 | 454 words
Heechul makes useless observations.

freakshow (peepshow) | Kibum/Kibum, Kibum/Donghae | NC-17 | 860 words | blackout AU (genderswitch)
AU. Seeing Donghae on TV reminds Kibum of some pleasant memories.

fridays | Henry/Donghae, implied Qmi | PG | 585 words | (weekday verse)
AU. All the weird shit happens on Fridays.

Haters to the Left | bandfic, gen | PG | 370 words
Heechul makes a bold statement.

headphones | Heechul/Donghae | PG-13 | 450 words | (suju meme drabbles 10)
Donghae's distracted from his music.

Henry Henry Henry | bandfic | PG | 450 words
As a group, Suju's seen a lot of weird shit. This is a first, though.

hey mister | Siwon/Heechul | NC-17 | 330 words
Siwon's a gentleman in every way except the way he fucks.

holiday from reality | Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun | PG | 593 words
No better holiday than with you at my side.

if you'll pretend you love me | Zhou Mi/Heechul | PG | 615 words
I'll pretend you're the one I love.

Illusory | Kibum/Donghae | NC-17 | 520 words
Kibum just needs Donghae to move his mouth.

ipod | Eunhyuk/Donghae | PG | 486 words | (suju meme drabbles 11)
Donghae wants to know what Eunhyuk's doing on his iPod.

it's never you (i could forget) | Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun | PG | 541 words
It's a good thing neither Zhou Mi or Kyuhyun are the jealous type.

lampshade | Leeteuk/Lampshade | PG-13 | 372 words | (suju meme drable 3)
It's an unconscious thing.

lead me not into temptation | Siwon/Hankyung/Heechul | NC-17 | 725 words | (genderswitch)
Siwon facing down girl!Hankyung and girl!Heechul. He doesn't think this is fair.

Life's Little Miracles (or, Why YeWon Was Meant To Be) | Yesung/Siwon | PG | 960 words | parody
Yesung and Siwon were meant to be, and at last they both realize it.

a little playing around | Donghae/Henry | PG | 304 words
Donghae and Henry get up to a little fun.

love is like a car crash you can't look away from | Jonghyun/Zhou Mi, Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun, (Minho/Donghae, Hankyung/Heechul) | PG | 610 words
(crossover with SHINee) Heechul knows what he's doing when he pulls these strings.

love an artist (for his art) | Kyuhyun/Eunhyuk | PG-13 | 386 words
AU. Falling in love at a coffee shop is not as romantic as it seems.

A Matter of Confession | Sungmin/Sunny | PG | 981 words
(crossover with SNSD) Sungmin's confession to Sunny doesn't quite go like this.

mondays | Henry/Donghae | PG-13 | 347 words | (weekday verse)
AU. There are perks to the job, but this ain't it.

Mirror, Mirror | Heechul/Taemin | NC-17 | 822 words
(crossover with SHINee) There's something Heechul likes about Taemin. [underage]

misplaced nostalgia | Heechul/Kyuhyun friendship | PG | 310 words
Remembering days when you weren't there.

My Heart is a Dying Soldier | Kangin/Leeteuk | PG | 648 words
Jealousy is a black emotion.

never let go of this hand i hold | Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi/Donghae | PG | 853 words
Zhou Mi knows that he's not Kyuhyun's first love.

No Way Back Into Love | Donghae/Jessica | PG | 360 words
(crossover with SNSD) Donghae never fell out of love with her.

nobody but you | Kangin/Leeteuk | PG-13 | 690 words | (genderswitch)
Eeteuk as a girl is efficient at getting everything done...except Kangin.

the opposite of fairy tales | Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun | PG | 413 words
All the stories that could've ended happily ever after but didn't.

Original Flavor | Kyuhyun/Sungmin | PG-13 | 805 words
AU. It all starts with the ice cream.

picture drabble #1 (渴望) | Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi | PG | 350 words
Kyuhyun wants.

picture drabble #2 (갈증) | Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi | PG | 195 words
Kyuhyun wants, redux.

picture drabble #3 | Donghae/Jessica | PG | 275 words
(crossover with SNSD) Donghae really, really likes Jessica.

picture drabble #4 | Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi | PG | 267 words
Even if he wants you too.

picture drabble #5 | Kibum/Donghae | PG | 266 words
Kibum will always be what Donghae needs.

picture drabble #6 | Siwon/Doghae | PG | 269 words
They start in China.

picture drabble #7 | Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi | PG-13 | 169 words
Zhou Mi has an ear fetish.

picture drabble #8 | Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi | PG | 269 words
College!AU. Zhou Mi and Kyuhyun are roommates.

picture drabble #9 | Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi | PG | 425 words
College!AU. Zhou Mi and Kyuhyun go on a trip.

picture drabble #10 | Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi | R | 515 words
College!AU. Zhou Mi and Kyuhyun return from a trip.

picture drabble #11 | Henry/Taemin | NC-17 | 347 words
(crossover with SHINee) Henry has tentacles. [underage, tentacles]

ponytail | Leeteuk/everyone | R | 819 words | (suju meme drabbles 4)
There's something hot about Leeteuk's ponytail.

public service | Kibum/Donghae | NC-17 | 700 words | (genderswitch)
Kibum's hands can usually be found under Donghae's short skirts.

Remember (this if nothing else) | Leeteuk-centric | PG | 556 words
Eeteuk writes a note to himself.

roadtrip | Siwon/Hankyung/Heechul | PG | 680 words | (suju meme drabbles 8)
Heechul decides to go on a roadtrip.

short shorts and a long jacket | Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi | PG-13 | 395 words | (genderswitch)
Kyuhyun thinks he's straight, but then Zhou Mi happens. Then Zhou Mi turns into a girl, and Kyuhyun has a crisis.

SJM drabbles | Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi(/Donghae), Siwon/Hankyung, Henry/Ryeowook | PG-13 | 750 words
Random stupid drabbles inspired by the hilarious Korean version of the Super Girl MV.

some like it hot | Donghae/girl!Kibum | NC-17 | 460 words | blackout AU (genderswitch)
AU. They meet, of course, in a club. But names are secondary in this encounter.

Standard of Care | Siwon/Leeteuk, Kangin/Leeteuk | PG | 900 words
Everyone knew Siwon had a crush on his Jungsu-hyung.

Suspicions of Surety (ficlet) | Kangin/Leeteuk | PG | 400 words
Leeteuk knows what it means, but he doesn't know what to do about it.

target: locked | Kyuhyun, gen | PG | 258 words
AU. My name is Cho Kyuhyun. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

terms of agreement | Sungmin/Henry | PG-13 | 670 words | (genderswitch)
Henry doesn't think turning a girl is in his contract...but other things are.

this love | Eunhyuk/Sungmin friendship | PG | 490 words
Reflecting on EHB12, Hyukjae attempts to define his relationship with Sungmin.

给你的一分中 (this moment with you) | Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun | PG | 645 words | Chinese + trans

too fast to live, too young to die | Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi | PG-13 | 888 words
Corporate!AU. Zhou Mi wants to be rebel.

trust | Siwon/Hankyung | PG | 424 words | (suju meme drabbles 12)
There will never be betrayal.

understandings | Kangin/Sungmin | NC-17 | 420 words | (suju meme drabbles 7)
Kangin and Sungmin have sex. :Db

walls | Kibum/Donghae | R | 600 words
Donghae knocks down Kibum's walls without even trying.

wash gently and pat dry | Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi | PG | 330 words
Because Kyuhyun's skin problems are remarkably endearing.

we were never meant to be (we just happened) | Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi | PG | 550 words
Sometimes Kyuhyun is terrified of how happy he is, with no guarantees.

what love is like | Minho/Donghae, Jonghyun/Key | PG | 375 words
(crossover with SHINee) Donghae reduces Minho to being disgustingly sweet, in Jonghyun's opinion.

Wednesdays | Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun | PG | 760 words | (weekday verse)

won't let go of this hand i hold | Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi | PG | 315 words
Portrait of Qmi.

You Know You Love Me | Henry/Justin Bieber | PG | 250 words
(crossover with JBiebs) Crack. Henry meets his idol.

Your Average High School Love Story | Kibum/Donghae | PG-13 | 495 words
AU. Kibum is a jock with hot arms and Donghae admires him.

you're the panda to my raccoon | Kibum/Donghae | PG | 370 words
In which Kibum and Yesung have an enlightening conversation.

这一秒 (this moment) | Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun | PG | 400 words
The moment Zhou Mi figures out his feelings.

1000 - 1999 words

1-800-QMIMIN | Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi/Sungmin | NC-17 | 1230 words
Some people have the best of both worlds.

5 Times Heechul Didn't Confess + 1 Time He Did | Hankyung/Heechul | PG | 1850 words | (xmas 09)
In which there is not a right time for everything.

5 Times Henry Cried on Sungmin's Shoulder + 1 Time Sungmin Cried on Henry's | Sungmin/Henry | PG | 1495 words | (xmas 09)
In which there is a mix of crack and woe, and it's okay for boys to cry.

5 Times Kyuyun Was Sort Of Gay and 1 Time He Really Wasn't, Seriously | Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi | PG | 1675 words
He's not sure if the first five times count but the sixth one definitely doesn't.

5 Times Minho Tried to Impress Donghae + 1 Time He Didn't Have To | Minho/Donghae | PG | 1815 words | (xmas 09)
(crossover with SHINee) In which Jonghyun is helpful, Minho is desperate, and Donghae is oblivious.

5 Times Siwon Has Sworn Out Loud + 1 Time Ryeowook Did Too | SJM bandfic | PG | 1670 words | (xmas 09)
In which being in SJM is apparently very hazardous to your health.

5 Times Yesung Gave In To Ryeowook + 1 Time He Didn't | Yesung/Ryeowook | NC-17 | 1465 words | (xmas 09)
In which Yesung discovers the benefits of giving in to Ryeowook.

Act IV Scene III | Kyuhyun/Sungmin | PG-13 | 1417 words
The act of confession in one prolonged scene.

After Hours | Kibum/Donghae, Kibum/Jessica, Donghae/Jessica | 1075 words
(crossover with SNSD) AU. In which Kibum is a playa and an asshole, and so hot he can sleep with everyone he wants.

Behind Closed Doors | Kangin/Leeteuk | PG | 1752 words
Show business was glitz and glamour and a glittering world of facades.

Butterfly Lovers | Eunhyuk/Sungmin friendship | PG | 1059 words
Hyukjae doesn't like Henry.

Candles in Your Cake | Donghae-centric | PG | 1085 words
It's not the years in your life but the life in your years.

can't help falling | Yesung/Kibum | PG-13 | 1116 words
AU. Kibum meets Yesung at the gym where he teaches rock climbing.

Consequences of Looking at Porn (When You're in a 13-Member Boy Band) | Eunhyuk/Sungmin | PG-13 | 1905 words
Eunhyuk swears he has a legitimate reason but no one else cares.

Criminal Acts | Kyuhyun/Sungmin | NC-17 | 1234 words
Sungmin is a criminal. Kyuhyun is a cop. Police porn ensues.

Downtime | Siwon/Hankyung/Heechul | NC-17 | 1104 words
In which Hankyung owns a strip club. Sort of.

Every Day in Your Eyes | Heechul/Eunhyuk | PG | 1182 words
Sometimes you just need to hear the words.

Five Reasons Kangin Moved Out of the Dorms | Kangin/Leeteuk | PG-13 | 1700 words
Featuring Heechul's pink feather boa, threats to Sungmin's life, Siwon's facial expressions, and a long-suffering Kangin.

Five Super Junior Members Who Believed in God | gen | PG | 1770 words
Faith is different for everyone. A tentative look at religion in SJ fandom.

For Love, Anything | Siwon/OFC, Kibum/OFC | PG | 1703 words | (parody, WIP, discontinued)
Wherein our heroine Danielle transforms into Danbi just in time to win some Super Junior hearts and go through high drama to find true love.

Genderswitch, Canadian Style | Henry/Ryeowook | PG-13 | 1295 words | (genderswitch)
When it's finally Henry's turn to be a girl. Literally.

Gratuity | Siwon/Heechul | PG | 1500 words
AU. Siwon needs a daily dose of Heechul.

A Greater Design | Siwon/Hankyung/Heechul | PG | 1670 words
AU. Heechul designs everything, from hairstyles to Siwon's love life.

heartbreakers and heartquakers | Kibum/Donghae | PG | 1590 words
It's Kibum's birthday, and one person hasn't forgotten.

Henry Lau's Love Column | Henry/girls, SJM/girls, Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi, Henry/Ryeowook | PG-13 | 1865 words
Dear Henry, I need some advice on girls... Love, SJM

Here's My Number, Call Me Up | Kangin/Leeteuk | NC-17 | 1400 words
AU. Kangin picks Leeteuk up at a club. Where can things go from here?

How to Manage Culture Shock | Henry-centric, OT14 | PG | 1500 words
Henry learns the first rule of managing culture shock: Apply alcohol. Unfortunately, no one bothered to tell him the second rule: Reap the consequences.

How to Save Both Time and Water (and Get On Your Stepbrother's Good Side) | Heechul/Donghae | NC-17 | 1190 words | (smut meme)
AU. Donghae's not used to sharing the bathroom. [incest]

I'm Going Crazy Crazy Baby | bandfic, various | PG-13 | 1536 words
Preparations for the third album might have gone...not at all like this.

In Which Donghae is Irresistible | Donghae/everyone | R | 1320 words
Everyone wants a piece of Donghae.

Internet Trends are for Winners | SJM bandfic, Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi | PG | 1800 words
SJM gets Twitter accounts and Heechul has fun naming them.

Last Farewell | Donghae/Jessica | R | 1600 words
(crossover with SNSD) There is something about tonight neither of them will forget.

Lessons in Humility | Leeteuk/Eunhyuk | PG-13 | 1180 words
Eunhyuk deals with the constant embarrassment of being, well, himself.

Like You Mean It | Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi | NC-17 | 1240 words
Zhou Mi shouldn't be allowed to wear that tie where Kyuhyun can see it in public.

Looking For A Reason | Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi | NC-17 | 1040 words
Kyuhyun's just looking for an excuse for sex. Zhou Mi lets him get away with it.

Nightscape | Donghae/Kyuhyun, Siwon/Hankyung, Zhou Mi/Ryeowook/Henry | R | 1750 words
What happens in China stays in China. So SJM decides to have some fun. Clubbing!fic.

On That Christmas Morn | Kangin/Leeteuk | NC-17 | 1750 words
Five times Kangin woke up on Christmas morning.

Only (For) You | Kibum/Donghae | PG | 1175 words | (sequel to YMHBM)
When you love someone, you will say the right thing.

The Only One I've Ever | Donghae/Jessica, Henry/Jessica (others) | PG | 1385 words
(crossover with SNSD) Years later, she makes the same decision, differently.

Patience's Reward | Eunhyuk/Donghae | R | 1830 words
Four times Donghae catches Eunhyuk jerking off.

Play This Lovegame | Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun | NC-17 | 1880 words
How they end up in a strip club is a long story...

The Power Games We Play | Heechul/Donghahe, Heechul/everyone | NC-17 | 1620 words
Sucking cock is not just about liking cock (though Heechul does, very much): it's also about power dynamics.

Principles v. Peer Pressure | bandfic | PG | 1000 words
Kyuhyun resists the idea of getting a Twitter.

the road to hell is paved | Hyukjae/Donghae | R | 1003 words
Donghae totally does it on purpose.

Semantics | Henry/Ryeowook | PG | 1300 words
Ryeowook is good at getting people to do what he wants. He calls it the power of persuasion.

Seven Years of Love | Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun | PG | 1115 words
Futurefic. It's been seven years and Kyuhyun is trying his best to forget.

Sock Wars | bandfic, various | PG | 1050 words
Pairing wars come in all shapes and sizes: including in sock form.

Truth Where You Least Expect It | Leeteuk/Eunhyuk | R | 1573 words
Everyone's curious about why Leeteuk and Eunhyuk keep disappearing, except Heechul (because he knows).

the way we begin | Kibum/Donghae | PG | 1085 words
The real beginning happened years ago, but the start of this story is when Kibum gets a Twitter. This is not the way they'll end.

Unexpected Beatitudes | Siwon/Zhou Mi (implied Siwon/Hankyung, Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun) | PG | 1575 words
In some cases, even the seeds among the brambles and the rocks will flourish.

Wherever You Will Go | bandfic, gen | PG | 1360 words
Sometimes the distance between Korea and China feels infinite.

Who Will Be Your Wings? | Kibum-centric | PG | 1200 words
Kibum wants to leave the group. But if you want to fly, who will be your wings?

Wordplay| Hankyung/Heechul | PG | 1185 words
Heechul posts to his cyworld.

(You) Might Have Been (Mine) | Kibum/Donghae, Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun | PG | 1520 words
You'll never know if you don't say anything.

Your Number One | Hankyung/Heechul | NC-17 | 1505 words
Han Geng smokes and Heechul disapproves. But only sometimes.

you reap what you sow | Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi | PG | 1570 words
Kyuhyun gets what he asks for.

2000 - 2999 words

365 Rotations in a Revolution | Hyukjae-centric, Hyukjae/Donghae | PG | 2875 words
October is hard, and Donghae provides Hyukjae the reminders he needs.

all bets are off (it's a sure thing) | Siwon/Hankyung, Hankyung/Heechul | PG | 2860 words
Friendships should never be competitions. But if they are, make sure you win.

At Least I Still Have You | bandfic, gen | PG | 2285 words
SJ and SJM on SJM; fluffy feel-good boyband antics.

Baby Blues | Hankyung/Heechul | PG | 2250 words
In Heechul's opinion, babies would be a lot more tolerable if they were adults. That is why he did not agree to this babysitting thing.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright | Zhou Mi/Sungmin | PG | 2495 words
Fashion!AU. Lee Sungmin is the biggest name in the fashion industry.

Beyond the Door (There's Peace) | Donghae/Kibum | PG-13 | 2030 words
It's been twenty years. Donghae's now lived half his life without his father. This is his life through these years.

Body Shots and Angry Sex That Wasn't | Kibum/Donghae, Siwon/Hankyung/Heechul | PG-13 | 2190 words
Kibum comes back for the booze and the sex.

The Breath of Life in Me (or, 10 People Who Loved Lee Donghae) | Donghae/everyone | PG | 2525 words
Everyone loves Donghae...but they all do so in different ways.

Counterrevolutions | Eunhyuk/Donghae | NC-17 | 2045 words
The sex doesn't change anything.

Defining Desire | Kibum/Donghae | PG-13 | 2052 words
Kibum finds that his kink can be a little embarrassing at times.

Get Naked (I Got A Plan) | Kibum/Donghae | NC-17 | 2155 words | (fratboy AU)
Kibum likes to reduce this particular frat boy to begging.

I'm Not Drunk, Just Intoxicated by You | Kibum/Donghae | PG-13 | 2275 words | (movie!verse)
Movie!verse. Two high school boys walk into a bar... In which Donghae is charming, Kibum wears metaphorical skirts, and boredom leads to interesting life decisions.

In the Grand Scheme of Things | bandfic, some Kibum/Eunhyuk | PG | 2150 words
Kibum grows out his hair and everyone wants to know why. Crack.

Kau Cim | Hankyung/Heechul | PG-13 | 2110 words | (miracle_ss)
AU. Hankyung knew better than to trust Heechul, but some things were outside your control when the fates decided to play games.

A Model Neighbor | Siwon/Eunhyuk | NC-17 | 2750 words
AU. Eunhyuk sometimes spies on his neighbor.

Romance for Idiots | Henry/Ryeowook, Henry/Donghae, others | PG-13 | 2640 words
The dummy's guide to winning the heart of someone who liked you anyway, despite "help" from people you should have never asked for help from in the first place.

Season of Frost | Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun | PG | 2085 words | (miracle_ss fic)
Harem!AU. Zhou Mi knows what he has with Kyuhyun can't last forever, but he can't stop himself anyway.

Take Your Favorite Fairy Tale and Tear It Up | bandfic, gen | PG-13 | 2500 words
Villainizing the cute, sweet Super Junior members.

The Truth Behind the Bonamana MV | bandfic | PG | 2335 words
The origins of the set (reused) and the choreography (inexplicable): poor life decisions.

WARNING: May Cause Nausea | Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi, bandfic | PG-13 | 2805 words
Side effects of Kyuhyun and Zhou Mi include nausea, light-headedness, and eventual immunity following prolonged exposure. Hyukjae and Sungmin had no idea what they were getting into.

Written In Your Skin | Siwon/Hankyung | R | 2250 words
Hankyung doesn't trust words because so much is lost in translation.

Yesterday Like East-flowing Rivers | Siwon/Hankyung | PG | 2614 words
AU. China is ravaged by war, and Siwon doesn't understand why Han Geng won't leave with him.

3000 - 4999 words

All in the Family | Minho/Donghae, Jessica/Onew, Hankyung/Victoria | PG | 3080 words
(crossover with f(x), SHINee, SNSD) In which Jessica finds herself in a new but familiar situtation, Donghae thinks he's the best hyung ever but Heechul knows he's the best hyung ever, and Han Geng falls in love.

But We All Bleed Red | Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun | PG | 3060 words
If love was a game, it was one Kyuhyun had never mastered. He'd always thought he was better suited for the bench anyway.

Can't Deny This Thing Called Destiny | various (see fic) | R | 3280 words
Meta-fic. What happens when cosmic forces decide SuJu need some helping along.

The Case of the Disappearing Member | Kibum/Donghae (HanChul, QMi, implied others) | PG-13 | 3520 words
Crack. There's a reason no one knows Kim Kibum's name these days, but that's going to change whether Kibum likes it or not. Featuring burritos, a basketball game, and betting pools.

China Blue Nevers | Siwon/Hankyung/Heechul | PG-13 | 4025 words
There are some things in life you just can't have, because Siwon is never meant to know.

The Color of Envy | Kibum/Donghae | NC-17 | 3055 words
Kibum has a jealousy problem and it's not his fault, damn it.

Come On, Rock My World | Siwon/Hankyung/Heechul | PG-13 | 3700 words | (sujuexchange)
AU. Heechul is the artistic director and lead singer for Modern SC, your friendly neighborhood high school rock band. Siwon, Hankyung, and Sungmin are the hapless tagalongs.

Drinking Games | Heechul/Donghae | PG-13 | 4000 words | (movie!verse)
Movie!verse. Donghae is always the one Heechul calls when he's drunk.

every romance is like a moving melody | Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun | PG | 3675 words
A relationship is never just about the two people in them. Zhou Mi and Kyuhyun's is no exception.

finding somewhere you belong | character-centric: Heechul, Henry, Hankyung | PG | 3078 words
Heechul, Henry, and Hankyung find their own places in life, among the people who care.

give up forever to keep you | Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun, Zhou Mi/OMC | R | 4195 words
Taiwan gives Zhou Mi a freedom he didn't have before. Taiwan changes the way Kyuhyun looks at him.

Just in Case You Didn't Know: I Love You | Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi, Henry/Ryeowook | PG | 3290 words | (REMIX fic)
Their relationship goes like this: First, Kyuhyun gets to know Zhou Mi. Then, Kyuhyun falls in love.

Love and Attraction | Sungmin/everyone, Sungmin/Kyuhyun | NC-17 | 4465 words
Sungmin's what you might call a slut. But even he can tell the difference between love and attraction.

Love Song: composed by Cho Kyuhyun | Kyuhyun/everyone | NC-17 | 3600 words
Kyuhyun has his place among thirteen.

Now For Your Weekly Paradigm Shift | Henry-centric, Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi | PG | 3250 words
Henry is tired of the world messing with his head. So he does something about it.

(once we had eternity) tonight I have you | Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun | NC-17 | 3480 words
Sometimes drinking leads to excellent life decisions. Or, in which Zhou Mi reveals what they used to jack Kyuhyun off.

A Record of the Hardships of Kim Kibum | Kibum/Donghae | PG | 3170 words
Super Junior goes on vacation, and Kibum documents his FMLs.

Stuck between My Fantasy and What is Real | Hyukjae/Donghae | PG-13 | 3110 words
Wherein Hyukjae wants to know if Donghae wants to have sex with him or not.

Thicker Than Blood | Kangin/Leeteuk | PG-13 | 3300 words
An anachronistic series of events in Leeteuk’s life. Why Kangin can never be “like family”.

this night is a perfect shade of dark blue | Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun | PG | 3650 words | (miracle______ Halloween contest)
AU. They told him the house was haunted, but Zhou Mi didn't believe in ghosts.

5000 - 9999 words

All We Have is Here & Now | Kibum/Donghae | NC-17 | 8725 words
AU. Three years later, Donghae runs into someone unexpected at the club. He decides to forget the past and to just live for the moment.

Keepers of This Art | Donghae/girls, Donghae/Jessica | NC-17 | 6310 words
(crossover with SNSD) Five times Donghae has sex with a woman.

Never Knew Anything But Loving You [WIP] | Minho/Donghae | PG | 6335 words
(crossover with SHINee) Minho is kind of head over heels for Donghae, but he's okay with that.

One Sentence Porn Requests | various | NC-17 | 5970 words
Incl. Henry/everyone, EH/everyone, EH/ZM, SM/ZM, YS/RW, KH/ZM, KB/DH, KI/LT, SW/HC, etc.

Playing the Field | Kibum/everyone, Kibum/Heechul | NC-17 | 5585 words
When good little Christian boys are also sex gods.

Vanilla is the World's Most Popular Flavor | Kibum/Donghae, others | R | 5085 words
Donghae is afraid his and Kibum's sex life is too boring, so he does something about it.

Veni Vidi Vici | Kibum/everyone, Kibum/Donghae, others | NC-17 | 7365 words
Super Junior being slutty and boozed-up at the Super Show II afterparty. Kibum came. He saw. He conquered had a lot of a sex.

> 10,000 words

All the Lines We Cast | Han Geng/Zhou Mi | R | 19,200 words | (sujuexchange)
Han Geng’s interest in Super Junior M didn’t end when he left and it’s Zhou Mi now, with mixed feelings, who bears the brunt of that interest. They’re no longer bandmates and they were never friends, but they still find themselves tangled together two and some years on.

Creative Truthtelling and Amateur Cockblocking | Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi (everyone/Zhou Mi, Heechul/Zhou Mi), bandfic | PG | 11,435 words
As a gamer, Kyuhyun is a master of strategy, which comes in handy as he sets out to keep others from encroaching on his territory. Wherein Kyuhyun is sneaky and underhanded, everyone loves Zhou Mi, and Heechul is the Final Boss.

Definitions of Success | Kibum/Donghae, Kyuhyun/Sungmin, others | NC-17 | 33,495 words
Corporate AU. Kibum has yet to master the game but Kyuhyun doesn't even know he's playing. Their lives get tangled in an underground corporate society, where even love is subject to a cost-benefit analysis.

Suspicions of Surety | Kangin/Leeteuk | PG-13 | 10,200 words
Wherein Leeteuk suspects, Sungmin is observant, Heechul provides incalculable help, and Kangin is jealous.

unraveling with every word | Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi | PG | 10,845 words
AU. When Kyuhyun begins exchanging postcards with a student in China, he never expects to end up falling in love with his best friend.

Tags: !fic directory, super junior
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