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[Super Junior] Genderswitch, Canadian Style, PG-13, Crack/Humor, HenWook

Henry's birthday aslkdfjld. I don't have time for this. D: But almost fall break! I'll have time to write a Donghae birthday fic. And we all know that's what really matters. :3

This is super retarded; wrote in about an hour with no editing. It's ridiculous and I'm, like, a 12-year-old fantwat. Sorry.

Genderswitch, Canadian Style
Super Junior (M), Henry/Ryeowook (others), PG-13, 1295 words
When it's finally Henry's turn to be a girl. Literally.

Genderswitch, Canadian Style
by meiface

When Henry woke up with breasts that Tuesday, he took it better than any of the members before him had. To say he did, however, said nothing of the reactions of his bandmates.

"OH MY GOD," Ryeowook shrieked when he woke up with his face smushed against Henry's rather sizeable chest. "OH MY GOD."

Eeteuk fell into the room in a daze, hair messy and pajamas nearly falling off. His eyes darted frantically to the two on the bed."What? What happened?"

"He. I. It. Girl," Ryeowook continued shrieking, incoherent as he flailed across the bed and away from Henry.

Eeteuk looked like he was about to cry. "Again? Why?"

"I'll get the aspirin," Kangin said from over Eeteuk's shoulder.

Henry sat up and blinked. He touched his breasts tentatively. "Huh," he said . "They kinda jiggle."


"Another meeting?" Heechul bitched. "It's not like a new thing, one of us turning into girls." He buried his face in Siwon's shoulder, sleepy and grumpy. "Just tell management it's the same old, same old."

"B-but it's Henry," Ryeowook said, nearly in tears.

Hankyung didn't look unnerved at all. "It's a Korean thing," he explained to Zhou Mi.

Zhou Mi frowned. "But Henry's Chinese."

"I mean, this kind of thing only happens in Korea."

"Oh! Does that mean I'll get a turn? Kyuhyun always says I'm a girl..."

"You're actually really cute, Henry," Sungmin said enthusiastically. "You've got a great body shape. I bet we could get you into SNSD!"

Henry looked interested. "Really? I always wanted to try heels. My sister always complains about how they're super hard but it never looked that hard to me." He brightened. "Hey, hyung! Let's go shopping!"

Sungmin beamed at him. "Okay! Do you want me to call Sooyoung too? We can make you really cute!"

"Oooh, can I get cute underwear?"

Donghae bounced in his seat, lifting his head from Kibum's shoulder. "Yeah! The kind with polka dots and bow ties and lace and--" he stopped when Kibum nudged him with an elbow. "What?"

"Why do you know so much about girls' panties?" Kibum asked, raising an eyebrow.

Donghae grinned slyly. "How do you think I know, Kibummie?"

"I think I'm too young for this conversation," Ryeowook said faintly. He looked vaguely distressed.

"Kibum's younger than you," Heechul sniped, slightly muffled, from Siwon's shoulder.

"Henry's younger than you too," Shindong added, "but he seems to have the same sort of knowledge that Donghae does."

Henry grinned and shrugged, and his chest moved with him, as multiple pairs of interested eyes followed the movement. "I'm from Canada," he said nonchalantly. "I was popular in high school."

"Oh, oh! You know who else was popular in high school?"

Kangin narrowed his eyes and sighed, long-suffering. "Who, Hyuk?"

"Junsu!" Eunhyuk beamed.

" he knows about girls' panties, too." Yesung snickered.

"Hyung!" said Ryeowook, scandalized.

"Not as much as I do," Donghae insisted, smirking.

The conversation devolved as Kibum rolled his eyes and said something snarky, and Siwon frowned and said something rebuking, and Eunhyuk made a face and wailed about how Junsu could possibly be better at girls than he was, and Kangin laughed and knocked him over the head and Heechul started groping Hankyung on the couch.

Henry frowned. "Can we go, hyung?"

Sungmin took his hand. "Okay, let's go. I'll tell Sooyoung to meet us at the mall!"

"How do you feel about miniskirts?" Henry wondered as they left.

"I LOVE MINISKIRTS," Kangin bellowed after them.

"GET A LACY BRA," Donghae shouted, followed by "Ow" and loud laughter that Henry correctly surmised meant that Kibum had shoved Donghae into the couch.


"Didn't we still have girl clothes from that time Ryeowook turned into a girl?" Eeteuk asked after Henry and Sungmin had left and most of the group had left the living room to prepare for their schedules or to go back to bed.

"I think Henry's better endowed than Ryeowook was," Kyuhyun said, amused.

Zhou Mi poked him in the side. "Kui Xian, does that mean if I get turned into a girl, you won't love me unless I have big breasts?" He pouted.

"...why am I friends with you," Kyuhyun asked the ceiling.

"It's that thing I do with my tongue," Zhou Mi reminded him, grinning.

"I'm so glad you just said that in Chinese," Eeteuk said with a disapproving frown.


"Oh my god, Henry, you are so cute," Heechul gushed later that night, after opening the door and enthusiastically hugging Henry to his chest. "You're cuter than Sohee! I think I found my new favorite!" He sparkled and dragged Henry inside to show him off to everyone else.

Sungmin stood at the doorway, loaded down with various shopping bags, and beamed proudly. Then he darted inside to get his camera, because Sooyoung had threatened bodily harm if he didn't get pictures.

"LOOK AT HIM, ISN'T HE CUTE?" Heechul said loudly, thrusting Henry in front of of him.

Everyone sitting around the kitchen table looked up in varying degrees of surprise.

"Heels," Kibum noted, sounding almost impressed.

"Miniskirt," Kangin noted, sounding approving.

"See-through top..." Ryeowook noted, blushing wildly.

"LACY BRA," Donghae noted with a wide grin and a thumbs up.

"Black," Yesung noted, waggling his eyebrows.

"You look like a tramp," Kyuhyun said, walking into the kitchen with a gaming magazine in hand. Zhou Mi trailed after him, grabbing at his waist and sliding an arm around it.

"Do you like tramps?" Zhou Mi asked. "Do you want me to be a tramp?"

"It's a good thing Siwon isn't here," Hankyung said from the stove, where he was wearing a pink apron.

Henry regained his balance and twirled. The plaid miniskirt flared and he put his hands on his hips. "It's actually kind of fun being a girl," he said. "I can totally make guys double take." He shook his shoulders a little bit and grinned when every pair of eyes dropped to his chest.

"The stockings are especially cute," Heechul added.

"I helped pick those!" Sungmin piped up as he appeared behind Heechul and blinded everyone with the flash. He waved the camera. "Pose for me, Henry-yah!"

Henry cocked a hip and seductively placed his index finger on his parted lips. His eyelids lowered.

"Oh my god," Ryeowook wailed.

"He is a tramp," Kibum confirmed.

Donghae wolf whistled enthusiastically.

"I can do that. Do you want me to do that, Kyuhyun?"

"Oh my god, shut up."

"Can we see your panties?"


"Hey Ryeowookie, will you sleep with Henry now that he's a girl?" Heechul shrugged at Ryeowook's shocked, wide-eyed look. "Since you were too much of a prude to sleep with him when you were a girl." He shook his head sadly.

"I, what, hyung," Ryeowook stammered.

Henry licked his lips and advanced on Ryeowook, hips swaying. "Let me show you what I learned in high school, hyung. This girl named Christy taught me a lot." He sank to his knees between Ryeowook's legs and Ryeowook's face flamed.

"Are you seriously going to do this in the kitchen?" Hankyung asked. "Koreans. Well. Canadians."

"Hey, it's not like no one has ever done it in the kitchen," Donghae defended.

"...what are you saying, hyung?" Kyuhyun asked, lifting his gaze from the magazine.

Kibum slapped a hand over Donghae's mouth. "Nothing."

"Sex," Heechul said cheerfully, "it's what's for dinner tonight."

Sungmin laughed and continued to snap pictures.


On Friday, Henry turned back to a boy. "If you stop having sex with me because of this," he threatened Ryeowook, "I'm never going to blow you again."

Ryeowook frowned sleepily. "Is this blackmail?"

"Whatever works." Henry smiled and slid his hand under the covers. Ryeowook gasped and Henry's smile turned smug. "I'm glad we agree, hyung."


Started/Finished: 2008.10.11
Tags: super junior, super junior: henry/ryeowook
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