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[Super Junior] A Model Neighbor, NC-17, AU/Smut, ShiHyuk

For aconite, because I didn't write her ShiHyuk for her birthday back in June. This is for her LJ anniversary. NOW I OWE YOU NOTHING, CATE. THERE IS EVEN "SEX ENSUES", OKAY? :'D

(Um, hiatusing. But with mental breaks before I die.)

A Model Neighbor (or Write Mei KiHae, Damn It)*
Super Junior, Siwon/Eunhyuk, NC-17, 2750 words
AU. Eunhyuk sometimes spies on his neighbor.

A Model Neighbor (or Write Mei KiHae, Damn It)
by meiface

So Eunhyuk had this neighbor that Eunhyuk sometimes liked to spy on.

That always came out sounding bad, and Eunhyuk insisted it wasn’t spying, not when the drapes were blatantly drawn back and open. It wasn’t his fault that he could glance into Siwon’s apartment through his own bedroom window; whoever designed the apartments had obviously lacked foresight of some sort.

They forgot to consider the possibility that an average high-school student like Eunhyuk might end up with his bedroom directly across the way from the bedroom of a smoking hot model who liked to walk around with either no shirt or with his shirt gaping open, buttons half undone and flashing bare, toned skin all over the place.

Eunhyuk thought whoever designed the apartments was dumb as hell, and wouldn’t mind sacrificing something on an altar to him. The view was incredible, as much as he licked his lips and glanced from the corner of his eye like he wasn’t watching, when he was. He used to fiddle with the pages of his textbook, sitting at his desk and pretending he was studying, when he was just watching Siwon pad across his bedroom, coming into view as he pulled his shirt over his head, shaking his hair afterwards and running his hands carelessly over his chest and stomach.

Eunhyuk used to pretend but now he didn’t bother, because Siwon never glanced his way, too engrossed in his own busy, glamorous life, so Eunhyuk lay on his bed behind the safety of his blinds and slid a hand down the front of his pants. The first jerks would still be guilty, still stain his cheeks red, but by the time Siwon passed the window one last time with his pants slung low and unbuttoned on his hips, and Eunhyuk was swollen and leaking, he would be past caring. He threw his head back, eyes closing, and imagined it was Siwon touching him, and then he would gasp and come.


Choi Siwon was a model. He was Eunhyuk’s age but he was apparently too cool for school. He didn’t really need to go since his family was filthy rich and had bought him a condo the size of Eunhyuk’s family’s apartment. Eunhyuk knew all this from the interviews with Siwon he’d secretly searched for online; he had wanted to learn more about Siwon other than his godlike body (which Eunhyuk could never achieve, even if he spent every day at the gym) and the sinful looks he gave the camera (so Eunhyuk had looked up a few modeling pictures online too).

Eunhyuk shivered slightly in his chair, glancing from the stark black-and-white photo on his computer to the dark bedroom window just outside his window. He wondered what Siwon was like, as a person. He wondered if his smile was as sultry, or more welcoming. He wondered if his skin would feel as smooth as the glossy pages under Eunhyuk’s fingers.

He wondered what it would be like to kiss someone like that. Perfect in every way Eunhyuk wasn’t.


“Are you studying?” His mother’s footsteps sounded on the stairs, accompanying her question, and Eunhyuk quickly shut off his monitor and bent over his History textbook. His door clicked open and his mother’s head appeared in the crack. “Do you need any snacks? Tea?”

Eunhyuk shook his head quickly at her, heart pounding in his throat. “No thanks,” he choked out. In the periphery of his vision, the light flicked on in Siwon’s bedroom.

Go away, he thought frantically at his mother. Don’t look. What would he do if she realized he could see directly into Siwon’s bedroom? “I’m fine,” he added desperately, very carefully not turning to look in the direction of his window.

His mother tsked slightly at him. “All right. Work hard.” She pulled back and shut the door and Eunhyuk let out a sigh of relief. He whirled around in his chair with eager, hungry eyes.

Siwon was standing at the window, arms crossed and frowning. Eunhyuk’s eyes widened and he gulped—but Siwon hadn’t seemed to notice anything amiss. He stepped away from the window without pulling the drapes and started pulling off his sweater, catching the shirt under it and tugging it up for a long flash of sculpted abs.

Eunhyuk licked his dry lips in anticipation.


“Hyukkie, how do you explain this?” Donghae shook his head at him and slapped the magazine he’d stolen from Eunhyuk’s bag onto the desk. He looked at Eunhyuk expectantly, as the magazine fell open to the earmarked page.

“I, um,” Eunhyuk said lamely, flushing red. He grabbed the magazine. “Why are taking my stuff anyway, Donghae?”

Donghae rolled his eyes and snatched the magazine back. He sat a hip on the desk and flipped the issue of Premiere open to inspect the pages under consideration. “Evisu jeans,” he read. “I don’t get it.”

“I,” Eunhyuk started again, trailing off because he couldn’t end with “watch the model undress and jerk off to it. Instead he put his head on the desk and mumbled, “The guy. He’s my neighbor. I, um. We… Yeah. He’s my neighbor.”

Donghae’s eyes widened. “No shit?” he gasped, excited. “That’s sweet! You should totally get his autograph!” He squinted at the name at the bottom of the page. “Choi…Siwon. Hyukkie, you know someone famous!”

Sort of, thought Eunhyuk miserably as half the girls in the class flocked around his desk, demanding pictures or autographs from Siwon. If only he knew I existed.


The last person Eunhyuk expected to see when he opened the door that afternoon was Choi Siwon. He stared, mouth slightly open in shock.

“Hi,” said the star of Eunhyuk’s many vivid wet dreams. He grinned and dimples appeared in his cheeks.

He has dimples, Eunhyuk thought vaguely, still stunned. He clutched at the door in support, afraid he was hallucinating.

“I’m Choi Siwon,” he said, still smiling. “I live in the apartment building next door. I think I ended up with some of your mail.” He extended his hand and Eunhyuk finally wrenched his gaze away from Siwon’s face to stare blankly at the envelopes Siwon was holding out.

“Er,” Eunhyuk said intelligently. He snatched the envelopes. “Er, thanks! Um, I mean, I’m Eunhyuk. Lee Hyukjae, really, but people call me Eunhyuk and, hi, er.” His cheeks were burning and he could only stare at the ground in utter humiliation. He wasn’t usually so bad around people! But Siwon was…perfection incarnate. And it was hard to look someone in the eye after you’d been masturbating to them for weeks without their knowledge.

“Nice to meet you, Eunhyuk,” Siwon said and took his hand.

Eunhyuk’s heart jumped into his throat. His eyes darted up. “L-likewise,” he stammered because his hand was in Siwon’s.

Siwon’s smile had morphed from the friendly, dimpled grin into something…slightly more predatory. Eunhyuk thought he recognized it from the magazine spreads. It was Siwon’s seductive look. Eunhyuk trembled slightly and swallowed hard. Siwon hadn’t let go of his hand yet; in fact, he was stroking his thumb across the palm and Eunhyuk could feel his blood start getting hot.

“Are your parents home?” Siwon asked, perfectly polite.

Oh fuck, Eunhyuk thought to himself in small voice. He felt slightly dazed. What was going on?

“Um, no. It’s just me until six or seven…”

“Oh good.” Siwon stepped closer, dipping his head to give Eunhyuk a long, dark look from underneath his lashes. “Do you mind if I come in?”

It was like the air itself was crackling with electricity. Eunhyuk could feel the hairs on his arm stand up; he was too afraid to breathe. The first time he actually spoke with his neighbor, with Choi Siwon, the model and star of Eunhyuk’s private fantasies, and he was asking to come into Eunhyuk’s apartment? Eunhyuk jerkily stepped back and motioned for Siwon to come inside, hoping he didn’t look as terrified as he felt inside.

Siwon strode inside and Eunhyuk’s eyes drifted toward his long, long legs, encased in low-slung Evisu jeans. Eunhyuk licked his lips nervously and closed the door behind them.

“D-do you want anything to drink?” he asked, barely remembering his manners. “Um, we have water and juice and cola and—” He stopped before he started offering his father’s alcohol. Siwon technically wasn’t legal either, since he was Eunhyuk’s age, even if he did seem much older and sophisticated. Eunhyuk felt like a kid more than ever, still in his school uniform while Siwon was in his designer clothes.

“I’d love a Coke,” Siwon said, grinning, and it was back to the easy-going, dimpled smile.

Eunhyuk fetched two Cokes and handed one over, biting his lip when his fingers brushed Siwon’s and a spark skittered down his spine. “Would you like to see my room?” he blurted out, in search for distraction.

Suddenly, Siwon’s eyes hooded again and Eunhyuk looked at him uneasily. The smile was still open and friendly, but the eyes were a different story… “I would love to,” Siwon replied and Eunhyuk wasn’t sure if he’d imagined he edge to his voice.

Eunhyuk led the way to his room, Siwon close at his heels. He could feel Siwon’s body heat all along his back and something unfurled low in his stomach. He suppressed a shiver.

“You like breakdancing?” Siwon breathed into his ear as he took in the posters on Eunhyuk’s bedroom walls.

Eunhyuk blushed. “Yeah,” he said in a small voice. “I-I really admire them for the way they dance. I’ve sort of been learning in my spare time.” His voice grew a little more enthusiastic as he started talking about the moves he’d mastered now and the b-boys he was friends with who would show him new things on the weekends. Smiling, Siwon watched him babble on, hands waving in the air, and Eunhyuk wished he could just stop talking.

“Er, I could show you!” he said brightly. “Some of the things I’ve learned, I mean!”

“Sure, I’d love to see.” Siwon crossed his arms and looked expectantly at him.

Heart hammering away, Eunhyuk jerked his body into one of the newer moves he’d learned, popping and locking and rolling his torso in a smooth wave. He combined it with an older, familiar move, and finished with a flourish, leaning back until his head practically touched the floor and then pulling smoothly upright with a thrust of his hips. He lost his balance before coming completely to his feet because a large hand wrapped itself around his wrist and pulled him forward.

Eunhyuk’s mouth opened in a soundless gasp as he came to a stop with his body flush against Siwon’s. He stared into Siwon’s eyes, mouth going dry as Siwon put a deliberate hand on his hip and rubbed his thumb along the jutting bone.

“You dance well,” he said softly. “I’ve seen you practice.”

Before Eunhyuk can let out a horrified “Where?”, Siwon bent his head and kissed him.

He was experienced, just as Eunhyuk had suspected all along. His tongue stroked languidly against Eunhyuk’s lips before slipping inside his parted mouth; he swallowed Eunhyuk’s uneven gasps, moved his hand to Eunhyuk’s ass and pulling him firmly against Siwon. The fingers in his free hand slid through the hairs at the nape of Eunhyuk’s neck, palm cradling Eunhyuk’s head as Siwon bent him back with the force of the kiss.

Eunhyuk’s head was spinning too wildly for him to process a full thought; all he could feel was Siwon’s thigh tucked between his and the pressure against his erection, fabric rubbing against it in painful friction. “Si-Siwon,” he panted, dragging his mouth away and scrabbling at Siwon’s shoulders as he rocked his hips frantically.

Siwon kissed him again before moving away to suck and lick at his throat. He maneuvered them until they stumbled across the floor and onto Eunhyuk’s bed, Siwon falling on top of Eunhyuk and pinning him down. “You really want this, don’t you?”

“Um,” gasped Eunhyuk, squeezing his eyes closed.

Siwon took an earlobe between his teeth and cupped his hand over the bulge in Eunhyuk’s pants.

“Unnghh,” Eunhyuk moaned, bucking his hips.

Siwon slid down the length of Eunhyuk’s body and came to a rest on his knees. Eunhyuk’s eyes flew open as Siwon unbuttoned and unzipped Eunhyuk’s uniform slacks. He fisted his hands in his blankets as Siwon smirked at him and dragged his pants and boxers down, freeing Eunhyuk’s swollen cock to the air. He pursed his lips thoughtfully and Eunhyuk’s grip tightened on the bedcover

“P-please,” he begged, too desperate for shame.

Siwon grinned at him and lowered his head, brushing his mouth against the length of Eunhyuk’s cock. Eunhyuk responded with a full-body shudder.

Then the lips were gone and replaced by slick, hot slide of tongue and Eunhyuk didn’t know what sound he made, but he was sure it was incomprehensible as he arched off the bed. It was so much better than doing himself while he watched Siwon. It was so much more immediate, so much filthier and hotter for Siwon to rest between Eunhyuk’s spread legs and suck at his cock— Eunhyuk whimpered and shivered and curled his toes.

Siwon pulled away with a last lazy swirl of his tongue in Eunhyuk’s slit, leaving Eunhyuk panting and frustrated and on edge. “Why,” he asked plaintively, reaching out for Siwon.

“Because I want to see you come,” Siwon said, pulling his shirt over his head. He unbuckled his belt with swift movements and let it fall to the floor with a kink. Eunhyuk stared at the body he’d come to be so familiar with looking at over the past weeks, slightly guilty but mostly just horny as fuck. His eyes traced Siwon’s abs as he moved, sliding his designer jeans off his hips and stepping out of them. He wore nothing underneath.

Alksdjkd, said Eunhyuk’s brain. “O-oh fuck,” he said in a small voice, as his eyes fell to Siwon’s erection. Oh fuck, he thought and wasn’t sure if he wanted to put his mouth on it more or if he wanted to be on his knees as Siwon fucked the living daylights out of him.

“I know you watch me,” Siwon said as took Eunhyuk’s hand and wrapped it around Siwon’s cock.

Fuck fuck fuck, Eunhyuk thought, eyes wide.

“It’s okay,” Siwon breathed as Eunhyuk’s hand fluttered nervously over him, unsure, exploring. “I watch you too.”

Eunhyuk moaned and Siwon chuckled into his throat, sliding a finger between Eunhyuk’s legs.


Eunhyuk didn’t stop watching Siwon from his window after that. If anything, he spent more time being a voyeur than ever because now he had memories to fuel his fantasies, and Siwon was now putting on a show more than ever.

Eunhyuk swallowed hard when Siwon smoothed a hand over his stomach and dipped it into the waistband of his pants, turning to wink out the window. He adjusted himself until Eunhyuk had the best possible view as Siwon shrugged off the pristine white dress shirt and teased himself again under his dress slacks. Eunhyuk crossed his legs and resisted the urge just come right then. He recalled the taste of Siwon’s come on his tongue and shivered.

“This is totally unfair,” he complained to Siwon when they occasionally met for coffee after Siwon had a few hours off from his busy schedule, or a quick fuck when Eunhyuk was done with school. “You should stop teasing me when, when you can have me anytime you want.”

Siwon, for all his sophistication, was like a puppy when he could tease Eunhyuk. He would grin and grin and slide his fingers along Eunhyuk’s thigh under the table until Eunhyuk had to swallow an undignified yelp.

“I hate you,” Eunhyuk grumbled, but the flush in his cheeks always belied his words.

“Okay,” Siwon replied easily, dimpling and ever-so-charming. “But I’m going to have to stop signing things for your classmates then.”

Eunhyuk made a face at him.

Siwon kept grinning. “Or I’ll have to stop…” He leaned over and whispered the rest in Eunhyuk’s ear.

Eunhyuk blushed wildly. He cursed himself. One day he would get used to his hot model neighbor-slash-boyfriend and all his filthy habits, and maybe the blushing would stop. In the meantime, he supposed he needed all the practice he could get. He slid his own hand over Siwon’s thigh and grinned when Siwon raised an eyebrow at him.


Started: 2008.10.03
Finished: 2008.10.04

* Note: THIS MEANS ALL OF YOU. ::STARES:: Qmi is acceptable as well. 2000 WORDS OR MORE. >:| >:|
Tags: super junior, super junior: siwon/eunhyuk

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