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[Super Junior] Gratuity, PG, Fluff/AU, ShiChul

I'm sorry this is totally pointless. I hiatus now, more or less, in a no-longer-on-official-hiatus-but-not-really-around-much way.

Happy birthday, Kim Heechul! Ilusm you have no idea. ♥ x 1000.

Super Junior, ShiChul, PG, 1500 words
AU. Siwon needs a daily dose of Heechul.

by meiface

“He’s back again,” Sungmin said with a grin as he walked past Heechul. He tossed his head in the direction of the tables behind him. “Someone needs their daily dose of Heechul.”

Heechul quirked his brow. “I can’t help that I’m irresistible.” He grinned and headed toward his section, adjusting his ponytail.

“Sure, princess,” Sungmin called over his shoulder. “He’s not alone this time.”

Curiosity now piqued, Heechul glanced over at table six, where a tall, good-looking man was seated across from a girl. He recognized the man immediately, because Choi Siwon had been coming to this restaurant for over a month now, and near daily for the past two weeks. He was a favorite of everyone who worked at Haengbok Garden because he had a gorgeous smile and was ridiculously charming and left great tips, though for the past week they had all been for Heechul.

The girl accompanying Siwon was facing away, so Heechul could only see a waterfall of long dark hair as he approached them. “Hey there, sexy,” he greeted Siwon with a wink, flippantly familiar. “Back again?”

Siwon grinned at him, dimples flashing. “Hi, Heechul. How are you today?”

“Better now that you’re here,” Heechul flirted shamelessly. He pulled out his pad and poised his pen over it, and then turned to glance over the girl Siwon had brought with him, batting his eyelashes. “Did you finally decide I was worthy enough to meet your pretty girlfriend?”

The “girlfriend” in question was beyond “pretty”, Heechul realized with something akin to dismay. She was gorgeous. Undoubtedly a model.

“Damn,” he said. “She’s almost as pretty as me.”

Siwon laughed. The girl blinked in confusion before smiling, tentative.

“So what can I get you?” Heechul asked finally, satisfied when Siwon continued to beam at him. “Other than my good looks and sparkling wit, of course.”


The first time Choi Siwon had come into Haengbok Garden, he’d thought Heechul was a girl. Heechul hadn’t minded, really, because a lot of people thought he was a girl, despite the white shirt and black tie he wore as part of his waiters’ uniform. It was the long hair that usually did it, always pulled back in a ponytail that swung when Heechul walked and flipped when Heechul flirted.

Heechul flirted a lot. He was good at it, too, which is why Siwon left the restaurant smiling and came back again the next week, requesting a little sheepishly the “nice girl with the ponytail”.

Siwon didn’t discover Heechul was a guy until his fourth time at the restaurant, after he’d bashfully asked if he could have her phone number or email because he’d really like to get to know her outside of work and, oh, he was afraid he was coming off really badly, but he was a good guy, honest, in fact, here was his business card and his family history—

Heechul had interrupted Siwon’s well-meaning, awkward babble by patting his cheek fondly and telling him that, “Siwon-sshi, I’m a guy.”

Sungmin had nearly laughed himself sick hearing that story. In fact, the entire staff had a difficult time looking Siwon in the eye the next time he came around – which was, surprisingly, not two days later.

“Princess makes a lasting impression,” Sungmin acknowledged with a shrug and a grin. “He’s already addicted. Now to watch the inevitable downfall.”


“You again,” Heechul drawled, twirling his pen as he rested his hip against the table. “Alone today? What happened to Miyoung-sshi? Did the pretty girlfriend dump you that fast?”

Siwon cocked an eyebrow, returning the smirk with a confident smile. “How do you know I didn’t leave her?” Then he laughed, embarrassed, and waved his hands. “She was only a friend. We work together.”

“You model?”

“Sometimes.” Siwon inclined his head. “I mostly do it as a favor, though. One of my good friends is in the business.”

Heechul sighed, blowing at his bangs. “Naturally. I’ve never met anyone fate seemed to favor more.” He rolled his eyes when Siwon gave him a bemused look, and then smiled again, all teeth. “So what will it be today? You’ve tried almost everything on the menu, coming here so often.”

Siwon flushed slightly, to Heechul’s amusement. “Ah, well, the chef here is very good.” He looked down at his water glass.

“Oh, is that all? And here I thought you wanted to see me.” Heechul’s voice was all innocence.

To his surprise, Siwon lifted his eyes and met Heechul’s gaze straight on. His voice was quiet but steady when he said warmly, “That too, Heechul-sshi.”

Suddenly unsettled, Heechul did his best to shrug off the feeling and Siwon’s words with a careless smile. “Sungmin tells me I’m irresistible and I keep telling him it’s not my fault. I was born with this face.” He barreled on before Siwon could interrupt him, trying not to think about the fact that he was nervous, heart beating fast and nerves suddenly too aware of how close Siwon was. “So tell me your order, quick, and I can leave before you overdose on me, because I’m pretty sure my manager would kill me if I left a customer in such a state.”

After taking Siwon’s order, Heechul fled to the service station to ring it up and pass the order along to the kitchen. He paused a moment, fussing with his ponytail as he gathered his composure. What was it about Choi Siwon that did it to him? He was good-looking, yes, but so were a lot of other people. He was friendly and seemed to enjoy Heechul’s teasing and flirting. He was also disturbingly frank. Heechul wasn’t sure he liked such straightforwardness; it made him uncomfortable.

Heechul sighed, annoyed with himself. Damn Siwon for being so annoying fuckable, anyway.

Five minutes later, he was back the service station and thinking, Damn him to fucking hell! He threw his pad and pen onto the counter and put his palms to his burning cheeks. Fuck.

“What the hell’s the matter with you?” Sungmin asked as he returned with an empty tray. He gave Heechul a funny look.

“He just asked me out,” Heechul said flatly. Part of him thought, distantly, that he should be reacting to this better. He should be able to play off Siwon’s request for dinner together with a smirk and a flippant remark, one that would make Siwon laugh but would still manage to turn him down. Heechul didn’t know why he was off his game today.

“Are you kidding?” Sungmin sounded gleeful as he bounced around the counter to Heechul’s side. He grabbed Heechul’s arm. “You said yes, right?”

“No! Not that it’s any of your business.”

What? What’d you say ‘no’ for? The man is obviously falling all over himself crushing on you. Hyung,” Sungmin complained, glaring at him. Then he changed tactics, eyeing Heechul carefully. Then he stared blatantly. “Hyung, you’re blushing. Oh my god, Heechul.”

No, Heechul knew exactly why he was off his game today. He slapped his hands back up to his red cheeks and muttered a curse.

“Go back and tell him you changed his mind!”


“You obviously want to!”

“Will you shut up?”

“Why are you such a girl?

Heechul glared at Sungmin. “Hi, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you were having a conversation with yourself. Please excuse me.”

Sungmin shoved him out from behind the service station and in the direction of Siwon’s table. “If you don’t go tell him you changed your mind, I’ll go tell him for you. And,” he added with a sugar sweet smile that made Heechul feel vaguely nauseated, “you don’t want to think about what else I might tell him.”

With that threat hanging over his head, and Sungmin’s too-innocent smile still burned on his mind’s eye, Heechul set his jaw and headed back towards section A, table six.

“Heechul,” Siwon said in surprise, looking up from his food.

“I’ve reconsidered,” Heechul announced loftily, hiding his anxiety beneath a toss of his head. “I’ve decided it’s never smart to turn down a free meal with a rich, attractive man.” He leaned down close to Siwon’s ear, not missing the way Siwon stopped eating but swallowed carefully. God, Heechul thought, at a loss, he really does like me.

“You may pick me up at seven,” he drawled, sliding a folded piece of paper into Siwon’s hand. His fingers trailed along Siwon’s before he straightened and walked off, not looking over his shoulder.

Siwon unfolded the paper to find Heechul’s address, hastily scrawled in Sungmin’s glittery pink pen.


“Aw, good,” said Sungmin later. He smiled at Heechul and reached up to tuck a wisp of hair behind Heechul’s ear. “Give him a chance, hyung.”

Heechul snapped, “Thank you for the relationship advice, love doctor,” but it lacked any sting. He was looking at the napkin left at table six with a phone number written neatly under the words Pick up your tip tonight at seven.

“That’s horribly cheesy,” he observed with a dramatic roll of his eyes.

Sungmin didn’t miss the way Heechul kept smiling to himself throughout the rest of the day.


Started/Finished: 07.09.08

Notes: I hate everything I write, gah! I was vaguely inspired to this because of this boy I work with who looked like Henry (hair and chubby cheeks!) until he got a haircut. :( I don't know how that translates to a ShiChul waiter!fic but, um, I love Heechul. I love love love him. Especially his hair right now omfg it's so hot. Don't judge me. Go fangirl him instead.
Tags: super junior, super junior: siwon/heechul
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