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[Super Junior] Semantics, PG, Romance/idek, HenWook

Happy birthday, Ryeowook! A quick fic, not the best thing ever, but I finally wrote Ryeowook!centric fic. I'm impressed with myself. HenWook because I'm cool like that, yes? Right. I love Ryeowook, don't mistake me. He's so sweet and god so fucking amazing after SJM, how did that even happen?

This is vaguely based off manipulative!Wookie in the evil!SuJu drabbles. You don't have to read that to get this though. :)

Super Junior, HenWook, PG, 1300 words
Ryeowook is good at getting people to do what he wants. He calls it the power of persuasion.

by meiface

Ryeowook is good at manipulating people. But that’s not the way to tell the story, Ryeowook insists, because it’s more like he’s good at making suggestions that people tend to follow. He’s just persuasive and good at getting what he wants, though that can be taken the wrong way too. The most important bit about this whole thing is that Ryeowook is a good person. He never uses his powers of manipulation—persuasion—except in ways that benefit people.

All right, so sometimes it mostly only benefits himself, but Ryeowook always makes sure that it doesn’t unnecessarily harm others first.

Sometimes Ryeowook doesn’t want to participate in an overly loud, chaotic variety show, even though their managers think that Ryeowook needs more television exposure—so he’ll sit and talk with Leeteuk one night, sounding uncomfortable, and Leeteuk will be immediately sympathetic and argue for Ryeowook’s case. Sometimes Ryeowook wants some time to himself, some peace and quiet so he can compose, and he’ll say a word or two to Donghae, who will suddenly feel as though he wants to be loud and playful somewhere else, out of earshot.

But, like mentioned, Ryeowook isn’t a bad person—he doesn’t only use his powers selfishly. He’s done a lot for Heechul, who looked so tired recently: Ryeowook talked in that quiet way of his to Leeteuk, to Yesung, to a few managers, and Super Junior Trot was replaced by Super Junior Happy. Yesung is more than happy for a chance for more screentime and Heechul enjoys the break even if he complains about how everyone’s abandoned him. Ryeowook knows better though and, anyway, a passing mention to Kibum on the phone has the younger man dropping by to visit Heechul more often.

Ryeowook likes using his powers to help people. He’s not quite sure how it works, how just a few words on his part, expressing his concerns, can so effectively bring about the results he desires, but he’s long since stopped questioning it. It’s useful, of course, and Ryeowook likes that. He trusts himself to be responsible with his abilities; he knows he is a good person, after all.

So far, he has run into only one snag, and it leaves him a bit at a loss. He’s not quite sure how to handle it, never having faced such a situation before.

It’s about, though he’s hesitant to admit it, Henry. The younger boy started off quiet and shy, awkward, because he knew few people well and the language they spoke even less well. Ryeowook took to him immediately, because he likes helping people, and he wanted to make the other boy feel welcome and bring him to a point where he finally felt at ease.

The problem is that Henry seems even more readily susceptible to Ryeowook’s manipulations—persuasions, Ryeowook thinks—than anyone else. After their first encounter, Ryeowook remembers sighing, “I wish you could speak more Korean,” because it’s truly difficult to build strong relationships without the ability to communicate. Almost immediately, Henry doubled his efforts in learning Korean.

Ryeowook didn’t mind because it certainly didn’t hurt anyone, so he smiled and encouraged Henry to practice speaking with him.

Then Ryeowook remembers wishing Henry would open up, share his feelings, and so Ryeowook and Henry became the closest of friends. It’s Ryeowook Henry sits beside in every interview, Ryeowook’s hand he’s first comfortable holding, Ryeowook’s smile he first returns. They whisper to each other in halting Korean and sometimes poor attempts at Chinese or English. They laugh and they joke and Han Geng looks at them and smiles, relieved, because at least part of his group is getting along and making his job easier.

Ryeowook loves the way Henry is cute and shy, despite how confident he is in his own talent. So even though Henry used to be cocky in Canada, he never quite overcomes his awkwardness with SJM—he remains a little shy, a little awkward, smiling with the innocence that Ryeowook adores.

Ryeowook loves the way Henry plays violin and wishes he could show it off more, better. So Henry puts his time into choreographing new routines, practicing new solos to show off to the fans and, most importantly, to Ryeowook.

Ryeowook doesn’t think about his powers of persuasion for a while when he’s with Henry, because he’s distracted by the way Henry laughs and blushes and jokes and stammers. He’s impressed by the way Henry dances and the way he plays and how hard he works on both. He forgets that people have a strange tendency to do what he wants because he’s started, he thinks a little giddily, falling in love with Henry.

Henry flirts back, looking flattered by the attention Ryeowook gives him. Henry pulls him close to whisper questions and sarcastic comments in his ear, where no one else can hear. Henry shares his food, sleeps in his room, gives him adorable, sleepy smiles as he climbs into bed, and Ryeowook is happy until Donghae asks one day, out of the blue, if Henry had a girlfriend back in Canada.

Henry flushes and says, “Well, I’ve dated, but I didn’t have anyone, exactly.”

Donghae grins and says, “I bet you were popular, Henry~”

Ryeowook, who is suddenly uncomfortable, hits Donghae lightly on the arm and says, “Hyung! You shouldn’t ask Henry personal questions like that.”

The topic is closed. They move on. Donghae and Henry look unperturbed by the exchange, chatting easily about the video game Kyuhyun is currently beating into the ground. But Ryeowook’s thoughts linger on Henry’s answer and Henry’s expression and he is suddenly unsure about everything, because he remembers again that he is good at…getting people to do what he wants. Giving him what he wants.

Ryeowook knows he wants Henry, but he is suddenly worried that Henry doesn’t want him.

But of course Henry wants him: think of all those looks, all those smiles…

Ryeowook frowns, troubled.

He agonizes about it for a week, waving off Kyuhyun and Siwon who ask him if he’s all right. Han Geng looks worried too, but Ryeowook doesn’t want to talk about it, so Han Geng never makes the approach. One time, Zhou Mi looks as if he knows or at least suspects something, glancing between Ryeowook and Henry. Ryeowook tells him, rather abruptly for Ryeowook, who is usually soft-spoken, to worry instead about how homesick Donghae is. Zhou Mi spends the rest of the week hovering over Donghae, and Ryeowook is glad.

“Are you okay?” Henry asks him at the end of the week. Ryeowook tries not to think about how he sighed to Kyuhyun earlier that he wished Henry cared about whether or not Ryeowook is okay. Even if it’s not quite voluntary—and it could be, Ryeowook argues to himself—Henry’s concern always brings a warm feeling to the pit of Ryeowook’s stomach.

“I’m fine,” he says with a soft smile. Henry smiles back and it’s then that Ryeowook decides that maybe he doesn’t care about being a good person. It can’t make him a bad person to want Henry to smile like that, eyes alit. “What do you want for dinner?” Ryeowook asks as he gets to his feet, trying to put his thoughts out of his head.

“Fish,” Henry answers eagerly. “If we can.”

Ryeowook actually wants kimchi fried rice because it’s been too long since he’s had it and he hates cooking fish, but he doesn’t say a word. Instead, he smiles again at Henry and nods. He’s a good person, he reminds himself. Even if he’s a little selfish, wanting Henry to like him isn’t a crime, doesn’t make him a bad person. It’s not like Ryeowook is forcing himself onto Henry.

Ryeowook very carefully doesn’t think about whether he is forcing—manipulating—Henry instead.

Those are ugly words, anyway. Ryeowook prefers to use optimistic terms.


Started/Finished: 06.21.08

Notes: I feel like this is a fairly common concept and one that's been done a couple of times extremely excellently (far better than I could), but this is coming from the HP part of fandom. I don't know about SuJu, and I'm sorry if this is terribly cliché, but this is what I get when I write manipulative!Wookie. Er.
Tags: super junior, super junior: henry/ryeowook
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