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Masterlist (2003+)
Total: 562
Updated: 08 January 2012


Big Bang · Cardcaptor Sakura · DBSK · D.Gray-man · Death Note · Demon Diary · Digimon · Eerie Queerie · Epik High · f(x) · FAKE · Final Fantasy VII · Football RPS · Fruits Basket · Fushigi Yuugi · Gokusen 2 · Good Omens · Gravitation · Gundam Wing · Hana Kimi · Harry Potter · Here is Greenwood · Hikaru no Go · Inception · KAT-TUN · Legal Drug · LOVELESS · Macdonald Hall · Marmalade Boy · Merlin (BBC) · Miscellaneous · Naruto · Original · Ouran Koko Host Club · Prince of Tennis · Saiyuki · SHINee · SNSD · Stand Up!! · Super Junior · Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE · w-inds. · X/1999 · Yu-gi-oh!

NB: Titles in italics are not on LJ but can be found on under the penname Ryuuza. Titles with asterisks beside them are not available online.

Big Bang (01)

coffeemate GD/TOP; PG
Jiyong and Seunghyun in the morning.

Cardcaptor Sakura (03)

Envy Touya/Yuki; PG
Akizuki attempts to mess with a pair of soulmates.

Winter Story Syaoran/Sakura; PG
Sakura gives Syaoran a gift.

DBSK (05)

5 Times HyukSu Were Caught Doing Questionable Things + 1 Time They Caught Someone Else Hyukjae/Junsu, Yunho/Heechul; PG-13
crossover with Super Junior
In which Junsu and Hyukjae think they're hilarious, and Heechul does not.

disbelief Hyukjae/Junsu; PG-13
crossover with Super Junior
Junsu thinks Hyukjae is stupid in the dick.

drabble 02 Yunho/Jaejoong; PG
In another time, another life, things might have been different.

drabble 05 Yunho/Changmin; PG
Yunho complains to the ceiling.

drabble 14 OT5; PG-13
Junsu broke the internet.

D.Gray-man (02)

Tired of His Dark Dominion Lavi/Lavi; R
Lavi fights himself for the strength to go on.

untitled Kanda/Allen; R
Untitled smutty snippet.

Death Note (07)

Death of Dignity L/Raito; PG
Raito meets someone familiar in the afterlife.

drabble 27 Fuji/Light; PG
crossover with Ouran Koko Host Club, Prince of Tennis
If Ohtori Kyouya managed Aozu.

Feel the Fate Raito/Raito; PG-13
L and Raito play mind games.

I met Death and he has blue eyes Fuji/Raito, various; PG
crossover with Prince of Tennis
Sequel to Number One Hit. In which Raito is not interested in fifteen-year-olds. Really.

Number One Hit Ryoma/L; PG
crossover with Prince of Tennis
In which L and Raito are fanboys.

(Parenthetically) L/Raito; PG
What they think between the lines, in parentheses.

Truth or Dare gen; PG
Crack. A Death Note Truth-or-Dare fic.

Demon Diary (14)
NB: EAR5 = Eclipse/RaenefV, KAR4 = Krayon/RaenefIV

Afterglow EAR5; PG-13
Eclipse takes Raenef to bed.

ACID EAR5, KAR4; R **discontinued**
An important celebration of demons, Raenef’s newly realized feelings, and Krayon wishing for the undead.

The Art of Bargaining KAR4; PG
Krayon is used to getting what he wants.

Cinnamon Eclipse EAR5; R
Eclipse watches Raenef sleep and is tempted.

Damp Leaves and Birthdays KAR4; PG-13
Krayon indulges in a little pedophilia and Raenef celebrates a birthday.

Deja vu KAR4; PG
Raenef IV remembers the feel of satin.

Demon’s Folly EAR5; PG
Fools in love.

Gardenia Song KAR4; PG-13
Promises are fleeting, memories fickle, love forgotten...

Juggling Blackbirds EAR5; PG
How the series really ended. Raenef on Eclipse and feelings he can’t express.

My Master’s Desire EAR5; NC-17
Eclipse’s only concern is his master’s desire, and his master’s desire is for him.

Pedophilia KAR4; PG
Theirs is a relationship of teasing.

Perfect EAR5; PG
Raenef wishes he were perfect for Eclipse.

Seer’s Fortune Eclipse/Chris; PG
Raenef gets into fortune-telling and Chris gets into Eclipse. Figuratively.

Yet Unsaid EAR5; G
Raenef has a very important question to ask Eclipse.

Digimon (04)

Giving Thanks Taito; PG
Tai wants to give thanks. Matt just wants him to shut up, please.

Le Ciel Taito; PG-13
Rock star lives leave little room for true love.

Never Mind Taito; PG
Mascara amuses Tai.

Queer Taito; PG
Matt’s not gay. He’s queer. There is a difference.

Eerie Queerie (01)

Ambience Shino/Itsuki; PG-13
Itsuki’s afraid to fall into Shino.

Epik High (01)

The Bases of Relationships Tablo/Eunhyuk friendship; PG
crossover with Super Junior
Fans are crazy.

f(x) (02)

After the Drought Zhou Mi, Victoria; PG
crossover with Super Junior M
Siblings catching up.

All in the Family Minho/Donghae, Jessica/Onew, Hankyung/Victoria; PG
crossover with SHINee, SNSD, Super Junior
In which Jessica finds herself in a new but familiar situtation, Donghae thinks he's the best hyung ever but Heechul knows he's the best hyung ever, and Han Geng falls in love.

FAKE (01)

Favors Dee/Ryo; PG
Bikky hies himself elsewhere to give Dee and Ryo some time alone.

Final Fantasy VII (02)

drabble 03 Zack/Cloud/Aeris; PG
Sometimes they remember the what-ifs.

drabble 10 Reno, Zack; PG
Reno did it for the thrills.

Football RPS (02)

The Finest of the Fine Cristiano Ronaldo/Kaká; PG-13
Wherein Cristiano is appalled that he is not objectified more.

This Journey's End Steven Gerrard/Fernando Torres; PG
England falls, but Stevie still has Fernando.

Fruits Basket (14)

Break Down Build Up gen; PG
Christmas at the main house.

Close to You Hatsuharu/Yuki; PG
Hatsuharu just wants one thing from Yuki.

Coincidences Kyo/Yuki; PG
Hanajima reveals Yuki’s big secret to Uo.

Dedicated to You Kyo/Yuki; PG
Yuki's jealous.

Fever Kyo/Yuki; PG
Yuki's sick and Kyo doesn't know what to do.

Frisky Kyo/Yuki; PG
Yuki contemplates what to get Kyo for Valentine’s Day.

Great Expectations Kyo/Yuki, PG
Tohru will never stop loving Kyo and Yuki.

Kyo Sohma and the Deathly Hallows Rocks Kyo/Tohru, Kyo/Yuki; PG
Crack. In which rocks fall and everyone dies.

A Little Stress Relief Kyo/Yuki, NC-17
A little stress relief leads to much more than they ever expected.

Musing is Not a Hobby for the Weak-Minded Fuji/Ryoma, Akame, Kyo/Yuki; PG
crossover with KAT-TUN, Prince of Tennis
Meta. In which Mei’s muses interact, snark, and play video games.

The New Generation Hatori/Shigure/Ayame; PG
The Mabudachi trio places bets.

Paradox Akito/Yuki; PG
When love is hate, or hate is love.

Sleepless Kyo/Yuki, PG
Kyo can't sleep.

Temper Kyo/Yuki; PG
Kyo is damned well not going to have a birthday party.

Fushigi Yuugi (07)

Fushigi Yuugi Outtakes various; PG
Crack, stupid humor, and a cameo by the aluminum bat™.

Impromptu Suboshi/Amiboshi; PG
Warning for twincest. Reincarnated twins are still twins together. Suboshi loves his Amiboshi.

Issho Ni Suboshi/Amiboshi; PG
Warning for twincest. They are more than just family or reflections of each other.

Legends Hotohori/Nuriko; PG
Few people know why March 10 is a celebrated day in Konan.

Nocturne in C Hotohori/Nuriko; PG-13 **discontinued**
Nuriko wants to help Hotohori forget Miaka.

Priestess various; R **discontinued**
Retelling of Fushigi Yuugi, novel style.

Sonatina Tasuki/Nuriko, Hotohori/Nuriko; PG-13
And sometimes you have to let them go.

Gokusen 2 (04)

drabble 16 Ryu/Takeda; PG-13
Ryu thinks about hair clips and girls.

Instrumental to Success Hayato/Ryu; PG
Ryu doesn't know if he's playing or being played.

Prendre le Soleil Hayato/Ryu; PG-13
Waking up with sex hair.

Rain Falling Hayato/Ryu; PG-13
sequel to Prendre le Soleil
Pretty boys caught in the rain.

Good Omens (04)

drabble 08; gen, PG
crossover with KAT-TUN
Crowley's persuasive argument on original sin.

drabble 25 Crowley/Aziraphale; PG
Crowley tells a story.

I'll Be There Crowley/Aziraphale; PG
Why the angel is tipsy Crowley will never know.

The Most Wonderful Time of Year Crowley/Aziraphale; PG
In which there is war, goodwill, and tea.

Gravitation (04)

Barricade Yuki/Shuichi; PG
Yuki thought he'd spend this birthday without idiocy.

Bleed Me Dry Yuki/Shuichi; PG
Shuichi’s on a sugar high and Yuki’s got a headache.

Fly Me High Yuki/Shuichi; PG
Sequel to Bleed Me Dry. The morning after the night before.

Round and Round Ryuichi/Shuichi; PG
Shuichi knows what Ryuichi wants.

Gundam Wing (06)

Breathe; 1x2, PG
Heero likes watching Duo sleep.

Death’s Lover 1x2; PG (poem)
Dialogue of truth and death.

drabble 04 1x2; PG
Heero Yuy is not a sap.

One Two Three Repeat 1x2; PG
Third time’s the charm, baby.

Skipping 2x1; PG-13
Duo drags Heero off from their birthday party.

You Can't Get Away 1x2; PG
Duo's little obsession.

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (09)

Boyfriends Akiha/Umeda; PG
Umeda’s morning could not have been any worse. Or so he thought.

drabble 07 Sano/Mizuki; PG
When the evening is spread out against the sky.

drabble 19 Nakatsu/Kayashima; PG
Nakatsu ogles Kayashima's legs.

Game Akiha/Umeda; PG
Akiha knows how to get what he wants.

Long Road Izumi/Shin; PG
A little brotherly love...

Mémoires Douces Akiha/Umeda; PG
There are some things Umeda doesn't have time to think about.

Obento Akiha/Umeda; PG
Expanded on from Boyfriends. Akiha brings his senpai lunch. Umeda is not gracious.

Summer Sunshine Akiha/Umeda; PG
Summertime is for relaxation, except Umeda can never relax his guard.

Votive Umeda/Nanba; PG-13
Incest is best.

Harry Potter (18)

3 a.m. H/Hr, R/Hr; PG
Talking in your sleep can be dangerous.

4 a.m. H/Hr, R/Hr; PG
Sequel to 3 a.m. It’s too early for deep introspection.

5 a.m. H/Hr, R/Hr; PG
Sequel to 4 a.m. Ron has some questions and Hermione has an answer.

A Christmas Visit SS/HG; PG
In which there are no deathly hallows or mistletoe.

An Incomplete Record of James Potter's Views of Scorpius Malfoy through the Years JP/SM; PG
A selection of some of the worst times in James Potter's life.

Early Morning H/Hr, R/Hr; PG
Companion to a.m. series. The sun rises and Ron thinks about the differences between friendships and romances.

Heaven Bred H/D; PG-13
Harry has war and his angel. Draco has death and his painted wings.

Inside a Curtain of Blue H/Hr, H/G; PG
Ginny doesn’t like Christmas this year.

Mistletoe H/Hr, D/Hr, R/Hr; PG **incomplete**
Different stories, different loves. Same holiday.

Omnioculars F/Hr; PG-13
Hermione puts her Omnioculars to the use they were really meant for—voyeurism.

The Perks of Being a Prefect JP/SM; PG
James gets a kick out of his Prefect duties.

Pieces of a Broken Mirror various; PG-13
Mirrors reflect back lies and truths and Harry can’t tell which are which.

Potions Homework D/Hr; PG
A series of unfortunate events. And a romance.

Rearranged D/Hr, H/Hr; R **discontinued**
The HP universe turned upside-down.

Take My Hand H/Hr, D/Hr; PG
Trust is something that makes her reach out to him.

Uncivilized H/D, PG
Harry is rather annoyed with the fact that he's the younger one.

Vertigo H/D; PG
Heroes live as heroes are wont to do.

What Love is Supposed to Be H/Hr; PG
This was the end.

Here is Greenwood (04)

Days of Moments Shinobu/Mitsuru; PG
A day and a night with Shinobu and Mitsuru.

never grow out of love Shinobu/Mitsuru; PG
Ten years later.

Rulebreaking Mitsuru/Shinobu; PG
Shinobu takes liberties.

Something Borrowed Shinobu/Mitsuru; PG
Shun borrows Mitsuru’s things and Mitsuru borrows Shinobu’s things.

Hikaru no Go (34)

The Best Years of Our Lives Akira/Hikaru; PG
High school AU. Their golden years, in brief.

Bowl of Ramen Akira/Hikaru; G
Hikaru likes ramen.

A Break in the Monotony of Rainy Days Akira/Hikaru; PG
A slice of their life on rainy day.

Captured: Storytelling with Pictures Akira/Hikaru; PG
The tale of two lives through photographs.

Colors of Autumn Waya/Hikaru, Akira/Hikaru; PG
Someone else has already found Hikaru.

Comfort Zone Akira/Hikaru; PG
They're comfortable laughing at each other.

The Defining Borders of Memory Sai, Hikaru; PG
Hikaru has found Sai again.

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Akira/Hikaru; PG
Ogata and his epiphanies.

drabble 17 Akira/Hikaru; PG
Shindou's never...

drabble 20 Kaga/Tsutsui; PG
This is the second of our reign.

drabble 23 Akira/Hikaru; PG
feat. Super Junior cameo
Shindou gives Touya his Christmas present.

drabble 29 Waya/Hikaru; PG
Waya worries sometimes.

Firsts Akira/Hikaru; PG
Akari will always be important to Hikaru.

Getting to Know You ?/Hikaru; PG-13
Some things just aren't as funny in real life.

I'll Take My Chances While You Take Your Time Isumi/OFCs, Isumi/Waya friendship; R
Isumi mends bridges and confronts questions without answers.

In the Darkness Akira/Hikaru; PG
Shindou and Touya meet their stalker.

Jade Wings Waya/Hikaru, Akira/Hikaru; PG
First crushes and fading dreams.

life's little hardships gen; PG
Touya has a bad day.

A Lunch Break's Epiphany Kaga/Tsutsui; PG-13
Tsutsui sees something he didn't intend to.

Motive Kaga/Tsutsui; PG-13
Kaga doesn't know why it has to be Tsutsui.

A Neo-Romantic Illustration of High School BL Clichés Kaga/Tsutsui; PG
A change in Tsutsui brings around the first inklings of epiphany in Kaga.

Oushou Kaga/Tsutsui; PG
Tsutsui wonders why Kaga still plays go.

Out of Pocket Akira/Hikaru; PG
In which Shindou eats go stones.

playing the lie Akira/Hikaru; PG
Boyband!AU does gratuitous fanservice.

Ready, Steady, Go Akira/Hikaru; PG
In which Akira is not particularly ready.

Red-Laced Arsenic Kaga/Mitani; PG
Some people can’t keep their hands off of each other.

Run Until Kaga/Tsutsui; PG-13
Tsutsui isn't waiting for Kaga to look back. Kaga is waiting for Tsutsui to realize he already is.

Sartorial Disaster Akira/Hikaru; PG
Hikaru is no one but Akira’s.

This is the Way We Celebrate (with Fish Flags) gen; PG
Crack. Hikago day with a dash of fish flags.

Things We Leave in the Dark gen (pre-Akira/Hikaru); PG
AU. Exorcising ghosts is not a pastime for amateurs.

Turnabout Akira/Hikaru; PG
Shindou gets pwned.

Uncertainty Akira/Hikaru; PG
Akira wants to spend his birthday with Hikaru.

Unwritten Kaga/Tsutsui; PG-13
Tsutsui doesn't understand Kaga.

You Can't Trade in Life Without a Receipt gen; PG
When Hikaru wakes up in an alternate reality, there's no one to blame but himself.

Inception (13)

Attached You Will Find Arthur/Eames; PG-13
It turns out that Eames sending dirty pictures to Arthur's phone has become something of a routine thing.

Be My Vanilla Bean Arthur/Eames, overall PG-13
Collection of 14 fluffy silly fics, all Arthur/Eames.

Comfort and Joy Arthur/Eames, R
Five Times Arthur & Eames Cuddled and One Time They Didn't.

Cuddleslut Arthur/Eames, PG
In which Eames doesn't know how to cuddle and Arthur finds himself giving lessons.

Dream a Little Dream of Me Arthur/Eames, PG
AU. Arthur the bank teller falls in love with the man who robs his bank. Sort of.

five hundred chances for a first impression Arthur/Eames; PG-13
AU. Arthur is Robert Fischer's #1 fan and no one is going to get in the way of that.

flush Arthur/Eames; PG
Arthur's pink.

Hallmark of the Holidays Arthur/Eames; PG-13
AU. No one is supposed to like their gag gifts, but Arthur insists on being that person.

no such thing as your side of the bed Arthur/Eames (Arthur/OFC, Arthur/Mal, Arthur/Cobb); PG-13
The one where Arthur goes to sleep and wakes up a lot, but everything changes in between.

Put Your Hands On Me Arthur/Eames, PG-13
The one where Arthur is starved for Eames's touch.

shooting stars (for your attention) Arthur/Eames, PG-13
Arthur and Eames's very literal flame war.

the simple gift I prize Arthur/Eames, others; PG
AU. Eames has made best friends with a CIA agent. Arthur's jealous.

Want You Right Now, Darling Arthur/Eames (Ariadne/Eames, Yusuf/Eames); PG
Crack. Every time Eames says "darling", Ariadne and Yusuf want to jump him. Arthur is not pleased.

KAT-TUN (10)

drabble 08; gen, PG
crossover with Good Omens
Crowley's persuasive argument on original sin.

Exhibitionism, or Why Tables Should Always Have Glass Tops Jin/Kame; PG-13
Just a little teasing under the table.

Fragments of Time Jin/Kame; PG
In which a relationship falls apart over time.

Kirei da Jin/Kame; PG
That legendary wedding dress photo shoot.

More Than Words to Show You Feel Jin/Kame; R
Jin appreciates how nice Kame's arms look lately.

Musing is Not a Hobby for the Weak-Minded Fuji/Ryoma, Akame, Kyo/Yuki; PG
crossover with Fruits Basket, Prince of Tennis
Meta. In which Mei’s muses interact, snark, and play video games.

Off-camera Jin/Kame; PG
Jin gives Kame his real birthday present.

Protip: Do As Jin Says, Not As He Does Jin/Kame; PG
Kame gets solo cons and Jin decides to offer his advice, being a veteran and all.

Thank You Jin/Kame; PG
Is their friendship salvageable?

The Sun and the Air Jin/Kame (implied Ryo/Uchi); R
Jin looks for something he doesn't think exists and finds it.

Legal Drug (06)

Best of My Love Rikuo/Kazahaya; PG
Kazahaya's ends up in Rikuo's bed...again.

Discomfit Rikuo/Kazahaya; PG-13
Rikuo and Kazahaya are discomfitted.

drabble 13 Rikuo/Kazahaya; PG
Rikuo listens to Korean boy bands.

drabble 21 Rikuo/Kazahaya; PG
Rikuo chews gum for a reason.

No One Else Kei/Kazahaya; PG
She knew where to find him.

Royalty Rikuo/Kazahaya; G
Rikuo wakes up the princess.


Control Ritsuka/Soubi; PG
Ritsuka gives Soubi what he most wants.

Wish Soubi/Ritsuka; PG
Ritsuka, Soubi, ice cream, and some thoughts.

Macdonald Hall (01)

drabble 30 Bruno/Boots; PG
Bruno had a plan, but Boots has a better one.

Marmalade Boy (02)

Endless Moment Yuu/Miki; PG
A holiday together.

Strong Enough Yuu/Miki; PG
Yuu and Miki’s relationship against the new transfer student’s wiles.

Merlin (BBC)

cold certainty Merlin/Arthur; PG
It's cold in the castle.

Miscellaneous (01)

PROJECT: Raping Childhood Fandoms various, PG to R
Featuring: The Berenstain Bears and the Fight; The Magic School Bus Has a Reunion; Encyclopedia Brown: The Case of the Kidnapped Detective.

Naruto (06)

1sentence Sasuke/Naruto; PG
Everything they are to each other, in 50 sentences.

Caprice Naruto/Sasuke; R
Sasuke may do things on a whim but Naruto doesn't.

drabble 28 Naruto/Sasuke; R
Sasuke's got a lot to learn.

Find Myself Naruto/Sasuke; PG-13
Naruto's lost one of his kage bunshin.

Learning From Mistakes Sasuke/Naruto; PG-13
AU. Four years can change Naruto a lot.

Rivalry Sasuke/Naruto; PG
It’s their form of foreplay.

Original (27)

Avera Cain/Abel; R
Bible slash. In which the serpent tempts another time.

Bittersweet PG
Warnings for potential incest. Letting go is harder than you think.

drabble 11 Apollo/Hermes; PG
Greekcest. Delighting in their sadistic sides.

Duty and Right Apollo/Hermes; PG
Greeckest. Apollo is loath to leave Hermes to fulfill his godly duties.

Eien no Tochuu Lucifer/Azael; PG
Angelverse. Of apples and temptation.

Exquisite* PG

The Fall of the Greek PG
In the winter of eternal life, there was never promise of eternal youth.

The Fifth Requiem PG
Finding your own freedom.

Gratitude Lucifer/Azael; PG
Angelverse. Azael on Lucifer's birthday.

Greekcest Apollo/Hermes; PG-13
Greekcest. Eros wanders around the meeting room and is vaguely traumatized.

Homage Apollo/Hermes; PG
Greekcest. Apollo stirs up Athens for Hermes' birthday.

Hunting You Lucifer/Azael; R
Angelverse. Touching each other.

Identity PG
Being what everyone else wants you to be. Because making them happy makes you happy.

Jibun Kakumei PG
Friendships come in all shapes and sizes.

Mornings Lucifer/Azael; G
Angelverse. Azael before Lucifer wakes up.

Ribbons PG
Matchmaking fangirls and the drama of finding true love in high school.

Searching Endlessly Lucifer/Azael; PG-13
Angelverse. Lucifer’s fall and the story behind it.

The Seventh Sorcerer various; R
Ripping off every manga on the face of the earth, our heroine must save two worlds. At least there’s a host of pretty boys, some of whom are in love with each other.
[NB: LJ contains prologue only, for next 8 chapters go here]

Sin or Consequence PG-13
Warnings for underage, incest. They tell him he’s too young.

Sing For Me PG
He tells himself he’ll quit, but not just yet.

Sins of Will Lucifer/Azael; PG
Angelverse. Azael falls prey to envy.

Summer Noon R
Warnings for implied underage. Fake plot as an excuse to have two boys get it on. Quick, “save the princess.”

The Tale of the Helpful Prince PG-13
Once upon a time there was a prince who liked, among other things, sex.

Thirteenth Requiem PG-13
Lucifer and his lover; Death and his.

Too Good to Last PG
They say this is the greatest love story of all time.

Westward Seeking Lucifer/Azael; PG-13
Angelverse. Christmas in hell is surprisingly nice.

Yonder Tears of Ice* G
Drugged up use of the English language.

Ouran Koko Host Club (21)

Against the World Kaoru/Hikaru; PG
Truth and lies and Hikaru and Kaoru.

Camera Shy Kyouya/Tamaki; PG
Kyouya has never been anything less than mercenary.

Cyclic Kyouya/Tamaki; PG
Tamaki only thinks he wants to know what Kyouya and Haruhi are talking about.

drabble 09 Kyouya/Tamaki; PG
Tamaki's gone over budget again.

drabble 12 Tamaki/Haruhi; PG
Haruhi takes a look at Tamaki's room.

Efficient Time Management Tamaki/Kyouya; NC-17
Kyouya is working. Tamaki is distracting.

Financial Report Mori/Kyouya; PG
A look in Ootori Kyouya's notebook.

Fins Heureuses Kyouya/Tamaki; PG
One choice can change history.

The Heart Knows Something Different Hikaru/Kaoru; R
The dreams should be different now that you're adults.

Keep on Dreaming Yuzuru/Yoshio, Kyouya/Tamaki; NC-17
Yuzuru and Yoshio look on their sons' relationship and remember their own.

Lapse Kyouya/Tamaki; PG
Kyouya forgets a vital piece of information.

The Life in Your Years Tamaki/Kyouya; NC-17
Kyouya in a schoolgirl uniform. PWP.

Mommy Dearest Tamaki/Kyouya; PG
The Ouran host club celebrates Mother's Day.

Page Forty-Two Tamaki/Kyouya; PG-13
Kyouya and Tamaki have a disgreement about their sex life.

Right Where My Eyes Won't Shut Kyouya/Tamaki; PG
Tamaki can't sleep; he bothers Kyouya.

Schoolboy Romance Kyouya/Tamaki; NC-17
Two schoolboys and the principal's office.

Some Things Are Priceless gen; PG
Fujioka Haruhi and the boys whose lives she's changed.

Stir For Two Minutes Tamaki/Haruhi; PG
Haruhi teaches the host club to cook.

A Time Mistaken for Dawn Kyouya/Tamaki; PG
Band AU. Everyone knows, but sometimes that doesn't solve anything.

What You Want: [one] wet Hikaru/Kaoru; PG-13
Because the best planning is always done in the shower.

Where the Air is Clearer Kyouya/Kaoru, others; PG
It's about where life has taken you.

Prince of Tennis (92)

&design; Tezuka/Fuji; PG
Abstract late nights and dependability.

26.6 Inui/Kaidoh; PG
Sequel to Dreams. Kaidoh approaches Echizen about that 26.6% concerning Inui.

Abstraction Fuji/Ryoma; PG
Sequel to Refraction. Fuji's graduation looms and Ryoma chases.

Adana Inui/Kaidoh; PG
Inui endeavors to come up with a nickname for Kaidoh.

Afterschool Activities Fuji/Ryoma; NC-17
Revolution™. Teacher/student smut.

Baby Maybe Fuji/Ryoma; PG
Boredom is a dangerous thing for Ryoma.

Because of You Saeki/Fuji; PG
Saeki wants to know what he is to Fuji.

Bedding Ryoma/Fuji; R
Ryoma's being aggressive in bed.

Behind the Scenes Fuji/Ryoma; PG-13
Boyband AU. Ryoma hates Aozu's newest single.

black pine Fuji/Ryoma; PG-13
AU. Problems reaching things in high places.

Blend Puree Repeat Fuji/Ryoma; PG-13
Fuji, Ryoma, some showers, and deep philosophical discussions.

Blind Leading Blind Fuji/Ryoma; PGCage Fuji/Ryoma, Tezuka/Ryoma; PG-13
Sequel to Having and Wanting. It’s better to move on sometimes. And sometimes it’s not that easy.

Candy Fuji/Ryoma; PG-13
Revolution™. Fuji's hungry and Nanjiroh sees something he shouldn't have.

Chasing the Thrill Fuji/Ryoma; PG
Thrill Pair in 50 sentences.

Christmas in Vegas Fuji/Ryoma; PG
Reminiscing in the City of Lights.

Coming of Age Fuji/Ryoma; PG
The day Fuji becomes an adult.

Companionship Tezuka/Fuji; G
Tezuka wonders if this is enough.

Complex Fuji/Ryoma; PG
Ryoma should know better than to make bets with Fuji.

The Dating Game Fuji/Ryoma, Tezuka/Sakuno; PG
Fuji and Ryoma help Tezuka get a girlfriend.

Day's End Fuji/Ryoma; PG-13
Revolution™. Fuji greets Ryoma after a long day at work.

Deny Eiji/Momo; PG
Momo's boxers are brought up for questioning.

Dilemma Fuji/Ryoma; PG
Boyband AU. Fuji and Ryoma attend Cap to Bin's concert.

Domesticity Fuji/Ryoma; R
Revolution™. Ryoma thinks of Fuji and gets intimate with himself.

drabble 01 Oshitari/Ryoma; PG
Oshitari doesn't have to write down his data.

drabble 22 Fuji/Ryoma; PG
It's not a honeymoon.

Dreams Inui/Kaidoh; PG
Inui asks Kaidoh if he has any dreams; Inui does.

Dulcis Fuji/Ryoma; PG
Ryoma doesn’t want anything for Valentine’s Day.

Early Exposure Fuji/Ryoma; NC-17
PWP. Good morning sex on a rooftop.

Elysium Fuji/Ryoma; G
Fuji watches Ryoma sleep and comes to the conclusion that he likes Ryoma better awake.

Family Ties Fuji/Ryoma; PG
Revolution™. Tezuka wonders why Yuuta seems to hate him.

Following the Sun Fuji/Ryoma; PG
A normal day, really.

Futari ga Futari de Fuji/Ryoma; PG
Two boys in a tent.

Gift Oishi/Eiji; PG
Eiji makes up with Oishi.

Glass House Fuji/Ryoma; PG
Fuji alone with his roses.

Glory Days Fuji/Ryoma; PG-13
Fuji drags Ryoma out for “recreation” after rehearsal.

Good For the Body Fuji/Ryoma; PG
An alternative solution to calcium supplements.

Having Tezuka/Ryoma, Fuji/Ryoma; PG
Fuji muses on the difference between “having” and “had.”

Hear Fuji/Ryoma; R
Five Senses verse. Fuji, Ryoma, a phone, and the abuse of some or all of the above.

How Ryoma Fell Out of Love with Rapster Horio Fuji/Ryoma, Horio/Ryoma; PG
In which Fuji acquires some accessories, causes chaos, and saves Ryoma’s soul.

i know better than you think Fuji/Ryoma; PG
Tezuka doesn't know what it's like.

Incentive Atobe/Gakuto; PG
Atobe gives Gakuto an incentive to quit teasing Shishido.

Indiscriminate Fuji/Ryoma; PG-13
Ponta-flavored lube.

Just a Beginning Fuji/Ryoma; PG
Ryoma thought Fuji would be nothing more than a stepping stone to success. He was wrong.

Keeping Up Appearances Fuji/Ryoma; NC-17
Revolution™. In which there are pink fuzzy handcuffs.

Kibou Fuji/Ryoma; PG
Even the prodigies have their moments of doubt.

Kleptomania Inui/Kaidoh; PG
Inui is not stealing, merely conducting research.

Labor Pains Fuji/Ryoma; PG
Ryoma weeds.

Learning Curve Fuji/Ryoma; PG
Tomoka thinks Ryoma needs a little help.

Linger Long Tezuka/Ryoma; PG
Ryoma will wait for only one person.

Making Wishes Oishi/Eiji; PG
If you wish really hard, it might come true.

Mark of a Genius Horio/Ryoma; PG
The return of rapping!Horio.

Masochism Fuji/Ryoma; PG
(Ryoma is dating a sadist.)

Musing is Not a Hobby for the Weak-Minded Fuji/Ryoma, Akame, Kyo/Yuki; PG
crossover with Fruits Basket, KAT-TUN
Meta. In which Mei’s muses interact, snark, and play video games.

Neverland Fuji/Ryoma; PG
Vague crossover with Demon Diary. Ryoma has strange dreams.

Of Heat and Cold Fuji/Ryoma; NC-17
Sequel to Blend, Puree, Repeat. PWP. Fuji calls Ryoma and then ravishes him.

Perfect Day Fuji/Eiji; PG
Spending a day together before the holidays.

Perfect World Fuji/Ryoma; PG
AU. There’s not just one reality.

Photography is an Art Form Inui/Kaidoh; PG
Kaidoh hates cameras for a reason.

Quandary Fuji/Ryoma; PG
Geisha AU. Lies in a smile and a teacup.

Quietude Fuji/Ryoma; R
Geisha AU. Fuji teaches Ryoma everything he needs to know.

Raw Fuji/Ryoma; PG
Boyband AU. Aozu has an interview in two hours.

Reasons Why Fuji/Ryoma; PG
Reasons why the Ryoma-sama fanclub loves their idol.

Refraction Fuji/Ryoma; PG
The difference between Tezuka and Fuji to Ryoma.

Shameless Fuji/Ryoma; PG
Fuji takes Ryoma to buy something interesting.

Show Me Your Style Fuji/Ryoma; PG
Ryoma spends a week in Fuji's room.

Sight Fuji/Ryoma; R
Five Senses verse. Fuji has two passions. Can you guess what they are?

Smell Fuji/Ryoma; R
Five Senses verse. Blindfolds and silk ties.

So What? Momoshiro/Ryoma; PG
The locker room after practice.

Somehow Syuusuke/Yuuta; PG-13
Warning for incest. Sometimes Yuuta feels powerless.

Statistics Inui/Kaidoh; PG
Inui calculates percentages on Kaidoh liking his gifts.

Strawberries Oishi/Eiji; PG
Let me feed you.

Sundays Oishi/Eiji; PG
Eiji makes plans for Oishi's birthday.

Sweethearts Fuji/Ryoma; PG
The role of candy in a relationship.

Taste Fuji/Ryoma; R
Five Senses verse. Fuji attempts to bake a cake.

The Taste of Pink Fuji/Ryoma; PG-13
Fuji, Ryoma, and a glass of pink lemonade.

Tattoo Fuji/Ryoma; PG-13
Ryoma...doesn’t quite like Fuji’s tattoo.

This Time Fuji siblings gen; PG
Making plans for a day at the beach.

Touch Fuji/Ryoma; R
Five Senses verse. Watching Fuji play tennis makes Ryoma hot.

Tourist Season Fuji/Ryoma; PG
Beach trip.

Track Record Fuji/Ryoma; PG
Ryoma is running...differently. The regulars comment on this.

Uninhibited Fuji/Ryoma; R
Revolution™. Sex on the tennis courts.

Unpretty Oishi/Eiji; PG
Eiji wonders if he’s “pretty” and if that’s a good thing.

Unrivaled Fuji/Ryoma; PG
Ryoma knows his place in Fuji's eyes.

Unspoken Words Fuji/Ryoma; PG
This is the way they work.

Vengeance Fuji/Ryoma; G
Ryoma finds an outlet for his jealousy.

Victory Road Fuji/Ryoma; PG
Boyband AU. All that glitters is not gold, but sometimes it’s shinier.

Wanting Tezuka/Ryoma, Fuji/Ryoma; PG
Sequel to Having. Why missing him isn’t enough.

When the Day Comes Fuji/Ryoma; PG
Two years later, Ryoma submits to social niceties and visits his senpai.

Xenophobia Fuji/Ryoma; PG
Fuji teaches Ryoma to fear strangers.

Young Love Fuji/Ryoma; PG-13
Revolution™. Karupin, Fuji, and Ryoma.

Youthful Days Tezuka/Fuji, Ryoma/Sakuno; PG
Tezuka knows Fuji is his.

Zero Hour Fuji/Ryoma,; NC-17
Total pwp ten-minute smut. That is all.

Saiyuki (01)

Distractions Gojyo/Hakkai; PG-13
Gojyo wants Hakkai to distract him.

SHINee (07)

5 Times Minho Tried to Impress Donghae + 1 Time He Didn't Have To Minho/Donghae; PG
crossover with Super Junior
In which Jonghyun is helpful, Minho is desperate, and Donghae is oblivious.

All in the Family Minho/Donghae, Jessica/Onew, Hankyung/Victoria; PG
crossover with f(x), SNSD, Super Junior
In which Jessica finds herself in a new but familiar situtation, Donghae thinks he's the best hyung ever but Heechul knows he's the best hyung ever, and Han Geng falls in love.

love is like a car crash you can't look away from Jonghyun/Zhou Mi, Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi; PG
crossover with Super Junior
Sequel to What Love Is Like. Heechul knows what he's doing when he pulls these strings.

Mirror, Mirror Heechul/Taemin; NC-17
crossover with Super Junior
Warning for underage. There's something Heechul likes about Taemin.

Never Knew Anything But Loving You Minho/Donghae; PG **WIP**
crossover with Super Junior
Minho is kind of head over heels for Donghae, but he's okay with that.

picture drabble #11 Henry/Taemin; NC-17
crossover with Super Junior
Warning for tentacles, underage. Henry has tentacles.

what love is like Minho/Donghae, Jonghyun/Key; PG
crossover with Super Junior
Donghae reduces Minho to being disgustingly sweet, in Jonghyun's opinion.

SNSD (09)

history in the making gen; PG
Sunny reffirms Taeyeon's future.

Keepers of This Art Donghae/girls, Donghae/Jessica; NC-17
crossover with Super Junior
Five times Donghae has sex with a woman.

Last Farewell Donghae/Jessica; R
crossover with Super Junior
This is a night neither of them will forget.

A Matter of Confession Sungmin/Sunny; PG
crossover with Super Junior
Sungmin's confession doesn't quite go like this.

never been Sunny/Taeyeon, Jessica/Tiffany, Sunny/Jessica; PG
Sunny and Jessica talk about their respective girlcrushes.

No Way Back Into Love Donghae/Jessica; PG
crossover with Super Junior
He never fell out of love with her.

The Only One I've Ever Donghae/Jessica (Henry/Jessica); PG
crossover with Super Junior
Years later, she makes the same decision, differently.

picture drabble #3 Donghae/Jessica; PG
crossover with Super Junior
Donghae really, really likes Jessica.

too cool for school gen; PG
AU. Going undercover at a high school.

Stand Up!! (02)

Love Train KenKen/Shohei; PG
Shohei and KenKen at school.

Thinking About You KenKen/Shohei; PG
Shohei muses on the merits of thinking vs. not thinking.

Super Junior (+M) (228)
See SJ fic directory.

Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE (01)

5 Things Fai Does That Never Fail to Drive Kurogane Up a Wall + 1 Thing That Kurogane Gradually Learns to Love Kurogane/Fai; PG
In which Kurogane develops a strange tolerance for Fai and his quirks.

w-inds. (02)

drabble 06 Keita/Ryohei; PG
Be careful when you fight to be on top.

Hard-Earned Vacation gen; PG
In which Keita whines and there is cotton candy.

X/1999 (01)

Hunting Seishirou/Subaru; PG
Seishirou gets what he wants.

Yu-gi-oh! (03)

Absence Yami/Yuugi; PG
Yami finds it hard to sleep on his own.

Clubbing Seto/Jounouchi; PG-13
Seto finds himself taken advantage of.

Lil Crazy Bakura/Ryou; PG
Bakura only likes Christmas because of the mistletoe.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these fandoms for which I write and am making no profit from them.
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