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18 March 2006 @ 10:29 pm
[Naruto] 1sentence, PG, General, SasuNaru  
For 1sentence.

Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: SasuNaru
Theme set: Beta
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1741

one; walking
They never walk side-by-side and when Naruto is tired of looking at the back of Sasuke’s head, he runs past him to the front, crowing in triumph.

two; waltz
One leads and the other follows, their strikes and blows set to the music of their labored, frustrated breaths.

three; wishes
“I’m going to be Hokage,” Naruto announces to Sasuke with a glare, “and then you’re going to have to obey me, bastard.”

four; wonder
Sakura used to wonder what it would be like to get into Naruto’s head, to relive his childhood, to see what drives him now; Sasuke never cared to.

five; worry
Sasuke’s only fear, kept small and tight and hidden inside of him, is that he won’t become strong enough to avenge his family, and so he strives towards his goal single-mindedly with no room in his life for blond, loudmouthed idiots.

six; whimsy
“Today’s lesson is a very vital skill: how to sneak into the women’s baths unnoticed,” Kakashi tells them, eye crinkling, as Naruto cheers, Sakura makes an outraged sound, and Sasuke assumes his standard unimpressed expression.

seven; waste
“You’re not worth my time,” Sasuke says over and over until Naruto has to hit him or start believing it.

eight; whiskey and rum
No one ever tells Sasuke and Naruto that they shared a second kiss at Ino’s birthday party, drunk on stolen liquor, too dizzy to see anything but each other, and they will never know.

nine; war
When Sasuke deliberately takes the last stick of takoyaki from the plate, Naruto leaps to his feet, fuming, and Sakura sighs the world-weary sigh of a girl saddled with useless boys.

ten; weddings
Sasuke rolls his eyes at Naruto’s flaming face as Kakashi cheerfully explains to them the bond between a ninja and Mrs. Palm and her five daughters while on a long mission.

eleven; birthday
Naruto doesn’t even know that Sasuke knows it’s his birthday until, after sparring, Sasuke drags the back of his hand across his mouth, wiping away blood, and spits out, “Glad you’re alive?”

twelve; blessing
The best present, in Naruto’s opinion, is not just that he has been treated to multiple bowls of miso ramen, but that each bowl has come from a different person, and among those, one from the dark-haired boy scowling at him from the fringes of the crowd.

thirteen; bias
All the girls in the village still think Sasuke is so cool and Naruto still scoffs, but to himself he admits that he doesn’t hate Sasuke the way he used to.

fourteen; burning
They lie out all afternoon under the sun, saying nothing, and Sasuke almost begins thinking that he doesn’t mind Naruto so much like this until the blond rolls over and screams at the burn on his back.

fifteen; breathing
“Just hold your breath, moron,” Sasuke snaps as Naruto makes a face at the medicinal tonic he has to take, swearing to himself that he will never again get in the way of rabid fangirls and Sasuke on Valentine’s Day.

sixteen; breaking
Sakura almost drops the tray of food in her hands when she toes open the door and sees Sasuke’s upper body slumped over Naruto’s hospital cot, sleeping expression relaxed and unguarded.

seventeen; belief
They leap off the roof and hit the streets at a run, racing, and Sasuke swears Naruto is splashing through the rain puddles on purpose, soaking their clothes, so he trips him, almost laughing at the yell.

eighteen; balloon
Ino refuses to look even when Sakura tries to show her, wanting to cling to her deflating dreams for a little longer.

nineteen; balcony
There’s a shadow outside of Sasuke’s window that night and he tenses and throws a kunai with pinpoint accuracy before he hears a familiar shout and realizes that it’s just Naruto looking for a working pot to make his ramen again.

twenty; bone
The day Sasuke leaves, Naruto wakes with the knowledge that something is wrong.

twenty-one; quiet
As he leaps from tree to tree, there is no loud voice chattering in his ear, boasting about his great ninja skills or complaining that he’s hungry and couldn’t they break for lunch already, and Sasuke tells himself that he’s glad.

twenty-two; quirks
Today there is no one to mock Naruto for touching the lucky tree outside his apartment before starting off toward the village to face the day and so Naruto breaks off a twig to clench in his fist; he needs what luck he can get.

twenty-three; question
“Why” is the question they both want an answer to: “why did you leave” and “why did you come after me” and, maybe, “why won’t I tell you?”

twenty-four; quarrel
Naruto knows Sasuke is wrong and Sasuke knows better and there is blood under their nails now, chakra flaring sharper and hotter than their words, drawing the division between them until they are choked with fury that hides their doubts.

twenty-five; quilting
They are made of pieces of each other, pieces of Naruto’s optimism, of Sasuke’s drive, of Naruto’s insecurity, of Sasuke’s obsession, stitched together and falling apart until they can’t tell who is who.

twenty-six; jump
Sasuke leaves Naruto unconscious on the ground and plunges into the forest, into his future.

twenty-seven; jester
He laughs off his injuries, makes bad jokes, and grins even more than before, but Sakura would have to be blind not to see the shadows in Naruto’s eyes or hear the hollowness when he speaks.

twenty-eight; jousting
Naruto embeds four shuriken, one after the other, in a row up the trunk of the tree, but it isn’t the same without Sasuke to scoff and do it better, driving Naruto to fiercer determination to best his rival.

twenty-nine; jewel
“Your eggs are hatching,” Sakura tells him impatiently and Naruto looks from the dazzling blue of the sky, wondering what Sasuke is doing now, down at his breakfast of scrambled eggs in confusion.

thirty; just
Naruto searches out Jiraiya for advice and finds great satisfaction when he stumbles across the old pervert being pelted by angry women with several copies of his own books.

thirty-one; smirk
When he sees that smirk again, Naruto is reminded of the time Sasuke called him a pervert and a moron for carrying around one of Sakura’s dresses only to be informed by a manically-grinning Naruto that Kakashi-sensei had deemed Sasuke the lucky one to infiltrate the women’s baths as per their previous lesson.

thirty-two; sorrow
He bites his lip and roughly wipes the tears from his eyes as he leaps forward again, Rasengan forming in his hands, feeling the edges of his consciousness fade into red.

thirty-three; stupidity
“You fucking idiot,” Naruto yells, fisting his hands in the front of Sasuke’s shirt, jerking the other boy’s limp form toward him, curse seal slowly fading to leave only pale, bruised skin, and Naruto wants to hit him again but instead starts sobbing into Sasuke’s neck.

thirty-four; serenade
The birds twitter a song of greeting when Naruto wakes slowly, groaning, vowing imminent mass extinction of all avian species within a two-mile radius around the hospital, and swallows a chuckle when he thinks of what Sasuke would do instead.

thirty-five; sarcasm
“Looking gorgeous and intelligent as usual,” Naruto tells the bedridden Sasuke, happy to be the one to do the mocking for once, “I think you should make this running off to creepy snake pedophile guys a weekly thing.”

thirty-six; sordid
Sasuke looks like shit, feels like shit, and if he could move his arms, he’d hit the closest animate object, which is coincidentally full of shit as well; how well they match, he thinks bitterly.

thirty-seven; soliloquy
The Godaime doesn’t want to listen to Sasuke’s excuses but he has nothing to say anyway and so instead she is subject to Naruto’s ranting for over two hours until she finally relents, if only because dying of her ears bleeding to death is a rather undignified way to go.

thirty-eight; sojourn
“Stop that,” Sasuke snaps, but Naruto has shoved him into Naruto’s apartment with a stubborn expression on his face, clearly ready to hit Sasuke over the head with his broken pot if he doesn’t rest as promised.

thirty-nine; share
It’s cold during the night and Naruto’s blankets are thin, so he shifts closer to Sasuke as he sleeps, curling up in the warmth.

forty; solitary
Naruto doesn’t leave him alone for more than two minutes at a time and if Sasuke has to put up with this for a moment longer, he is going to lock himself in the closet for some privacy and take that damned broken pot with him.

forty-one; nowhere
“We recognize no Sasuke of the Uchiha clan,” the elders say coldly, and Naruto’s heart thumps its way back ten years when he was just as invisible.

forty-two; neutral
Shikamaru has the best poker face among all of them and Naruto throws his cards down in disgust, watching as even Sasuke folds, expression wiped of any gratitude of being accepted among his peers.

forty-three; nuance
“What do you see?” Sakura asks of Ino as they watch Sasuke and Naruto train together and, this time, Ino can’t look away.

forty-four; near
Naruto slumps against Sasuke as they sit under the tree, watching the stars dot the sky, feeling exhausted but content, happy to just rest after a long sparring session.

forty-five; natural
Sasuke thinks that there should be something wrong with how it easy it is to turn his head and find Naruto’s breath mingling with his own, lips mouthing the same desperate, hopeful prayer against his, but then he closes his eyes and lets his instincts lead.

forty-six; horizon
They’re crossing boundaries now, from the known to the unknown, from rivalry to friendship to this new uncharted territory that leaves them both feeling more vulnerable than they’re comfortable with.

forty-seven; valiant
“Coward,” Naruto accuses when Sasuke draws back, eyes dark with uncertainty, but they flash at the defamation and Sasuke lurches forward again, grabbing Naruto’s shoulders as he pulls him in for a fiercer kiss.

forty-eight; virtuous
Sasuke knows inside that he’s a sinner, dark and irredeemable, but when Naruto is kissing him or hitting him, shouting, he’s too busy putting the blond in his place to dwell on it.

forty-nine; victory
Smiling and sweetly congratulating her embarrassed ex-teammates, Sakura discreetly collects the money from her disgruntled and disbelieving peers.

fifty; defeat
He lost, Sasuke knows, when that idiot Naruto became his idiot Naruto.


Started/Finished: 03.17.2006
Current Mood: pleased
Current Music: S.H.E. - 找不到
the frumious Bandersnatch!forochel on March 20th, 2006 12:44 pm (UTC)
Yesssss, because they're Team 7 and it's so sad that everyone keeps on neglecting that. I love Sakura a lot. She's so kickass, lately! :3
{如果的事}fishingfor on March 20th, 2006 09:43 pm (UTC)
Ahh, but they're all growing up now. And Sasuke will be disinclined to agree with the whole "team" thing whensoever he decides to show up again in canon...
the frumious Bandersnatch!forochel on March 21st, 2006 11:54 am (UTC)
Well then...*ponders* That's what AU is for, right? :D