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14 February 2006 @ 12:16 am
[PoT] Incentive, PG, Humor, Atobe/Gakuto  
For fyretoppaaa.
Valentine's Day fic trade! ♥

Prince of Tennis, Atobe/Gakuto, PG, 714 words
Atobe gives Gakuto an incentive to quit teasing Shishido.

by meiface

The teasing had started out as good-natured ribbing because Gakuto could never resist poking fun at Shishido, who always flushed and glared, always too easy to rile. Even though Gakuto privately thought the Shishido-Ootori relationship was, well, cute (could it be anything else?), he'd rather gorge on seven boxes of chocolates than deal with their cavity-inducing sweetness, and a good way to not have to deal with that was to instead distract Shishido from making eyes at "his Choutarou."

So Gakuto had gotten the teasing started off with an offhand question, oh-so-innocent, asking if Shishido would be the one to give Ootori chocolates for Valentine's Day? Or would he be giving Ootori something else since it was his birthday?

Oshitari smirked from the other side of the locker room, glasses glinting as he stripped off his tennis jersey, hiding in the folds of his clothes a quiet murmur that Gakuto knew would be positively dirty. He'd always liked Oshitari.

Grinning, Gakuto set back on Hyoutei's resident drama queen with new fervor, taking great delight in the bright red flush that had settled on Shishido's face, those blue eyes shooting sparks of death in his direction. He only swallowed a laugh and blinked innocently at Shishido, batting his lashes as he asked sweetly if Ootori liked to give or receive?

"Chocolates, of course!" he added brightly as Shishido growled at him, hands clenched into fists at his sides as if fighting not to deck Gakuto, who had to do his very best not to crow. Teasing Shishido was always so much fun. He wriggled in delight mentally and watched Shishido jerkily turn his back, muscles tense and quivering as he yanked his jersey over his head, clearly trying to ignore Gakuto.

"I'll take some chocolates and shove them down your throat if it makes you shut the fuck up," Shishido snarled.

"Shishido-san!" Ootori said in a gasping litte voice, shocked, blushing, standing beside his doubles partner with his school shirt on and his tennis shorts on.

Gakuto leaned in close to Shishido from behind. "Why, Shishido," he purred, "I didn't know you liked it rough."

Shishido whirled around, arm already in the air.

Ootori's hand stopped him mid-swing. "Mukahi-senpai," he pleaded, turning to Gakuto, sounding embarrassed, "please don't..."

Gakuto opened his mouth to defend himself when the club door opened and Atobe stepped inside and surveyed the scene coolly: Ootori's hand still resting on Shishido's shoulder; the drama queen glaring viciously at Gakuto with steam practically coming out of his ears; Gakuto still in his uniform; and the rest of the team suddenly focused diligently on changing, deaf and blind to whatever was going on behind them.

"I never expected my team to be composed of ill-mannered kindergarteners," Atobe said at last, scornful, disapproving. "Shishido, Mukahi, twenty laps. You will see me aftewards. This sort of uncouth behavior will not be tolerated."

With a huff, Shishido yanked his jersey back over his head and stalked past Atobe, heading for the courts, muttering something about how Atobe should expect it with a bitch like Mukahi on the team. Gakuto's glare followed him out the door. "It was just a little teasing!" he complained, suddenly put out. The stupid drama queen just had to have no sense of humor, didn't he? "He didn't have to start getting randomly violent!"

Atobe's eyes came to a rest on him and Gakuto shut his mouth, pouting.

"Gakuto," he said, nodding his head, and Gakuto approached him cautiously, still petulant. "I will not have my lover disgracing himself in front of the entirety of the regulars," he said quietly, voice low so that it would not carry. "I know you have some restraint. Use it."

Gakuto's gaze was sullen.

"I deigned to sleep with you because you are a voracious, creative, and stimulating bed partner," Atobe continued, beginning to look a tad irritated. "But I will not hesitate to withhold sex for a week, Gakuto."

A week?

Gakuto's mouth gaped open. What was Atobe made out of? Stone? (Diamond, Atobe would correct with a sniff.) He couldn't--was it even possible--well, he was Atobe. Gakuto couldn't take any chances.

Without a word, he jogged out of the club room, hair bright and bouncing over his face, covering his still-shocked expression.


Started/Finished: 02.13.06

Heehh, first Hyoutei fic ever. Tell me I didn't murder the characerizations, please? ::cringe:: I love Hyoutei too much.

And, of course, ShishiTori love. ♥ Happy Birthday Ootori!

...Atobe/Gakuto. WTF. XDD
soratinosoratino on February 14th, 2006 06:02 am (UTC)
..XDDD. I didn't see that coming.
it's weird to have a vibrating cat on your head: omgwtfmeiface on February 16th, 2006 01:42 am (UTC)
...oh PoT, the fandom of crack. ♥ How appropriate.
mienai2401mienai1582 on February 14th, 2006 08:19 am (UTC)
LOL There wasn't much Atobe/Gakuto fluff, but the characterisations were spot on. And you threw in ShishiTori!! ♥

Diamond, Atobe would correct with a sniff. XDD That line was so Ore-sama haha
it's weird to have a vibrating cat on your head: eye candymeiface on February 16th, 2006 01:44 am (UTC)
Definitely not enough AtoGaku but I got distracted with teasing Shishido. ::squishes:: God, I love ShishiTori so much. ♥ And Atobe too! I was afraid of writing him though, because there's a fine line between making him arrogant and wonderful, and making him a snobby prick. >_> A line to tread carefully...
(no subject) - raash on March 17th, 2006 01:08 pm (UTC) (Expand)
Hikaru: KeiRyu; Smiiiiirk much? X3hikaruchi on February 14th, 2006 09:19 am (UTC)
I've never even considered AtoGaku before, but this was such a fun read. XD Gakuto's teasing = LOVE. ♥

And the ShishiTori and the ending and Atobe just being Atobe and--! ☆☆☆ :D *luffs*
it's weird to have a vibrating cat on your head: hyoutei > allmeiface on February 16th, 2006 01:46 am (UTC)
Neither have I, to tell you the truth, much less have had to write it. XD It was a fun experience despite me being terrified and killing Hyoutei's characterizations. (And in the end I really got more distracted by ShishiTori instead of focusing on AtoGaku but shh, that's alright...)

♥ Hee, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
the frumious Bandersnatch!forochel on February 14th, 2006 01:33 pm (UTC)

Yeah, WTF. The characterisation is there, but...it's still all odd to me because of the wreckage of ships. ><;

Pssst. *tolerated
it's weird to have a vibrating cat on your head: subtletiesmeiface on February 16th, 2006 01:47 am (UTC)
I slipped in a half moment of almost OshiGaku! Did you catch it? I really wibbled there and had to resist the urge to make it Dirty Pair, Silver Pair, AtoJi...::pouts::

Fixed! ::snugs:: Lifesaver.
(no subject) - forochel on February 17th, 2006 02:24 pm (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - meiface on February 18th, 2006 04:37 pm (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - forochel on February 19th, 2006 05:49 am (UTC) (Expand)
Asphodaelmikken on February 14th, 2006 07:52 pm (UTC)
Mm, personally not fond of the characterizations (blushy!uke!Ohtori, sex-obsessed!Mukahi, etc.) but it's an interesting set-up.
it's weird to have a vibrating cat on your head: writingmeiface on February 16th, 2006 01:48 am (UTC)
It's probably because it's my first time writing these characters, so I thought it'd be easier to play it safe by going with fandom stereotypes. I know that more experienced authors can keep them in character and have better depth/development/etc. but I've yet to get there with Hyoutei. (Seigaku, I'm more comfortable with!)

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment though!
(no subject) - mikken on February 16th, 2006 02:00 am (UTC) (Expand)
Ssvz_insanity on February 14th, 2006 08:59 pm (UTC)
*grins* Mei, your fic made my day! Ooh. I love your characterization of Gakuto and damn, Gakuto/Atobe... XD
it's weird to have a vibrating cat on your head: braindeadmeiface on February 16th, 2006 01:49 am (UTC)

Really, I should work on their characterizations but any inconsistencies I will blame on the fact that my brain broke from having to write AtoGaku. What about my loverly AtoJi and OshiGaku? ::wibbles::
crackfandom on February 14th, 2006 11:02 pm (UTC)
WAIIII~ *O* :: loves Atobe/Gakuto :: <3333 Ore-sama tells LIES, LIES I SAY. Like he could go a week without Gakuto in bed. >P
it's weird to have a vibrating cat on your head: thinking sexmeiface on February 16th, 2006 01:51 am (UTC)
:O! This is a common enough pairing that you fangirl it? My head! It hurts!

Hee. Both of them are sex maniacs; Atobe's just better at hiding it... ;D
Inconsistent Tofu: Fuji - Say cheese!epigrammist on February 15th, 2006 01:17 am (UTC)
Hyoutei ♥♥♥~!!!!!!!! Choutarou! Shishido-saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! Excuse me for a moment while I fangirl over this most awesome tennis team. *insert squees and random bouncing noises*

I love Gakuto. I love Atobe. Omg, you just made me completely fangirl over this pairing I would otherwise never read. XD Mei, you're just totally, completely awesome. ^^
it's weird to have a vibrating cat on your head: hyoutei > allmeiface on February 16th, 2006 01:52 am (UTC)
SHISHITOOORIIIII. Hyouuuuuteeeeiiii. Have no fear, I am most definitely with you in fangirling this team. GAH. ::flails: ♥♥ I love Hyoutei so much.

...pairing hurts my head but I'm glad you liked it anyway! XD It was so much fun to write, surprisingly. (Or maybe unsurprisingly because crack is always fun to write!)
(no subject) - epigrammist on February 16th, 2006 02:33 am (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - meiface on February 17th, 2006 01:10 am (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - forochel on February 17th, 2006 02:26 pm (UTC) (Expand)
DTN: Fuji Syusuke // OMG YAY!!11 ♥dtn on February 15th, 2006 04:11 am (UTC)
That was so much love XDDDD Got to love Gakuto. Nice~ X]
it's weird to have a vibrating cat on your head: cutenessmeiface on February 16th, 2006 01:53 am (UTC)
Everyone's favore flipply bendy little bitch! Thank you, glad you liked it!
Kiakiarene on February 15th, 2006 04:47 am (UTC)
Got to be the first Atobe/Gakuto I've read. ^_^ But it works! Yay! Nice ficlet!
it's weird to have a vibrating cat on your head: pornmeiface on February 16th, 2006 01:53 am (UTC)
Definitely the first one I've read or written... Glad it turned out alright. Thank you!
hyatt chan: GakuMyu/kawaiihyatt_ayanami on February 15th, 2006 10:47 am (UTC)
Atobe/Gakuto is my guilty pleausure pair!!!!
I love it ALOT!!!!!!
it's weird to have a vibrating cat on your head: daydreamingmeiface on February 16th, 2006 01:54 am (UTC)
Thanks! It kind of hurt my head to write, but it was still so much fun. I'm glad you like it so much!
katherine_15katherine_15 on February 15th, 2006 01:17 pm (UTC)

You made me SQUEE over Atobe/Gakuto. *giggles madly* Atobe's threat is AWESOME. *adores madly*
it's weird to have a vibrating cat on your head: heh funnymeiface on February 16th, 2006 01:55 am (UTC)

It is randomly such a fun crack pairing. And Ore-sama knows how to get what he wants. ^.~ Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Arccie: Regretsarctic_dragon on February 19th, 2006 12:21 pm (UTC)
Cute and very fun.

I love angry Shishido picking a fight to protect 'Tori's honour.

And Gakuto angry indignation and shock over Atobe's threat is too amusing.

*resists urge to squish him*

it's weird to have a vibrating cat on your head: thinking sexmeiface on February 19th, 2006 11:13 pm (UTC)
I love ShishiTori. T^T ♥ They're so cute and happy together.

I'm glad you liked it! :D
orange_moose35orange_moose35 on February 19th, 2006 05:43 pm (UTC)


That was absolutely awesome. I love you.
it's weird to have a vibrating cat on your head: hyoutei > allmeiface on February 19th, 2006 11:12 pm (UTC)
Thank you!! :D It was hard but a lot of fun to write.
E X T R E M E L Y Fyre'd U↑P: fanboooooyyyyyys <3 [farfarello]fyretoppaaa on February 23rd, 2006 09:53 pm (UTC)
*squeebles on you* XD You did get distracted by the ShishiTori, you silly~ ♥ But you wrote it! AndforthatIthank you. *snugs* :D The characterization was a bit fanontypical, yes, but amusing. XDDD Poor Gakuto, he's got such a single-track mind. *loves on him*

Mrr, I tried to read FujiRyo last night to get inspiration for your fic, got sidetracked onto TezuAto and finally wound up fangirling Akutsu/Shishido. ~_~;;; Clearly, my brain does not work in linear fashion. *headdesks*
it's weird to have a vibrating cat on your head: hyoutei > allmeiface on February 23rd, 2006 09:58 pm (UTC)
It's okay! ::squishes:: I wouldn't have had time to read anything recently because of all the RL schoolwork and such. I will be crushed by my towering amounts of work. ._. Woe.

Heh, I'm glad you liked it! I love Hyoutei so much. ::wibbles:: (Though! Akutsu/Shishido! That exists? I want to see! ...even though I'm an AkuTaka fangirl. ♥)
(no subject) - fyretoppaaa on February 23rd, 2006 10:02 pm (UTC) (Expand)