August 24th, 2010

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[INCEPTION] Comfort and Joy, R, Arthur/Eames

I said, "There is only so many times you can write about Arthur & Eames cuddling, I am pretty sure. :(" Aja said, "excuse me this is a blatant lie. >:E". And so I wrote this, because apparently my brain is hardwired for fluffy-cuddling-Arthur/Eames only, and not any of the serious/angsty fics I was trying to write. Originally posted, much shorter, as commentfic here. This is the longer and more ridiculous version! Happy birthday to me: ridiculously schmoopy fic is ridiculously schmoopy.

Comfort and Joy (or, Five Times Arthur & Eames Cuddled and One Time They Didn't)
Inception, Arthur/Eames, R, 3215 words
The first five times don't count, because Arthur says so, and after that he's sort of lost count.

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