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[SME] All in the Family, PG, Fluff/Romance, OnSica, MinHae, ...HanToria?

Okay, so I've had this in the works since September last year and had most of it done. I got totally blocked on writing for it for months for some reason until I finally caved and cut out the Qmi (so there is not JongMi in here either, I'm sorry!). It seemed to push the rest of the fic towards the finish line though, so I finally managed to finish it tonight.

Warning: nothing happens in this story. Seriously. There is no point. I just wanted to write fluffy inter-company het (and, uh, Minho/Donghae, because I always want to write them*).

Also, it is halcyon_morn's birthday! CHRIS, ILU AND I MISS YOU. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I have no idea if you want this but since I managed to finish it on your birthday you can have it if you'd like. ♥♥♥

All in the Family
SME, Onew/Jessica, Minho/Donghae, Han Geng/Victoria, PG, 3080 words
In which Jessica finds herself in a new but familiar situtation, Donghae thinks he's the best hyung ever but Heechul knows he's the best hyung ever, and Han Geng falls in love. Because no one loves you like family does.

"This is a fast becoming a trend, Jessica," Tiffany tells her, voice muffled in her hair. Tiffany's arms are wound around Jessica's shoulders, which are tucked between Tiffany's legs as Jessica sits on the floor and leans back against the couch, hair falling to one side. The situation is a familiar one - for more than one reason.

Jessica's voice is quiet when she speaks. "I know, but...I don't really get to choose these things, you know?"

"Onew, huh?"

"It's the way he smiles."

Jessica's sigh is soft and a little dreamy. Tiffany loosens her hold and runs a hand through Jessica's hair, golden strands slipping through her fingers like silk. There was a time when Jessica's hair was longer, darker, but when she still had the same stars in her eyes. Tiffany thinks about Jessica's words and doesn't say, affectionately, With you, it always is.


Donghae laughs as he looks up from his phone, meeting Eunhyuk's questioning gaze. "Minho is being dumb," he explains. He flops onto Eunhyuk's bed and the book Eunhyuk was reading earlier bounces off onto the floor, the bookmark slipping from the pages. Eunhyuk looks at it from his seat at his desk and frowns sadly. Donghae is happily oblivious, texting back with his tongue peeking out the corner of his mouth.

"You don't text me that much," Eunhyuk says a little accusingly as he spins in his chair and thinks about whether or not he should pick up his book.

It takes a moment before Donghae replies, thumb pressing the Send button before he looks up with a little smirk, clearly too amused by his own reply to Minho. "Hyukkie, I'm right here," he says, rolling onto his side. "Why would I need to text you?"

Eunhyuk makes a face at him and spins his chair back to face his laptop. "You're acting like such a little girl. I just want you to know that."

A pillow hits him in the back of the head a moment later. "You're one to talk!" He pounces on Eunhyuk, drags him away from his desk, grinning. "I have no idea what you're talking about," he informs Eunhyuk cheerfully, even though Eunhyuk knows damn well that he does. But then Donghae proceeds to instigate a pillow fight and Eunhyuk is too occupied to call his best friend out on his blatant lie.

A tinny neo-ra-go~ sings out at them and Donghae abandons the pillow to scramble for his phone. Eunhyuk rolls to avoid a knee to his solar plexus and ends up flat on his back, catching his breath and staring at the ceiling. He shakes his head mentally: it's Minho texting back. He doesn't even have to ask.

His favorite hyung, Eunhyuk recalls from that radio interview Minho did a while back, smirking a little. He hasn't stopped teasing Donghae for receiving a love confession from their dongsaeng for weeks, despite Donghae's blushing protests.

Looks like he really wasn't that far off the mark after all.


"Congratulations!" he tells her in Mandarin, sweeping her up in a hug. He doesn't care if they get sideways looks, not now, not when her laughter rings delighted in his ears and her eyes are bright. Korea may not approve of skinship between the sexes, but Han Geng is still Chinese at heart, and so is Victoria. He has watched her work so hard for the past few months and she deserves this, he thinks, smiling down at her when he finally lets her go. She deserves every congratulatory hug and text and drink.

"Drinking tonight," he says, "I'll treat."

Victoria covers her grin with her hand. "Ge, you know the rest of them are too young," she reproaches, but still she agrees. This isn't about the rest of her band, as happy as Han Geng is for them: this is for Victoria alone, the one he knows and loves best.

He squeezes her hand and sends her off, promising he'll text her the details for the night. She disappears down the hall as he watches her go, a smile lingering on his lips.


Heechul is next to catch Donghae grinning foolishly over his phone, later in the day. "Who is it?" he asks, dropping onto the couch beside him, curious.

"It's just Minho-yah," Donghae says, scrunching up his nose, smiling, and turning his attention back to the text message. "He and Jonghyun are coming over later," he adds.

Heechul lays his head on Donghae's shoulder lazily. "Ah," he says knowingly, eyes falling closed. He can see where this was going and can't help feeling that it's too cute to stop. He is, he knows, a little weak in the face of Donghae's happiness. Always has been. But who isn't?


"Let's visit Super Junior oppa-deul tonight," Sunny says, pulling her hair out of her face and tying it in a ponytail. She smooths it with one hand and looks over at Tiffany and Yoona, who blink back at her.

"I have schedule tonight," Yoona says apologetically.

"I'll go!" Tiffany says cheerfully. She is never one to turn down a chance to joke around with Heechul and her favorite boys. "Let's drag Jessica along," she adds, because Jessica could do with a round of verbal battle with Heechul too, after a week of drifting through the dorms with that dreamy look in her eyes. Tiffany loves her, loves to see her happy, but she can't help but worry, too. She remembers the last time Jessica smiled like that, the last time she was absentminded and lost in daydreams.

Maybe seeing Donghae will be a little dose of reality: a reminder not that every idol relationship is doomed to failure but that even those with fairy tale beginnings can fail.

If nothing else, Tiffany can at least get to ogle Siwon.


She runs into them in the lobby and doesn't recognize them until Tiffany catches her arm and exclaims, "Unni!" Victoria smiles reflexively at her and catches sight of Jessica and Sunny behind her, ducking their heads in greeting.

They haven't talked much in the past, both groups too busy with their own schedules, but Tiffany seems happy to rectify that now. She's chatty as they all pile into the elevator together and Victoria realizes they're headed to see the same people.

"Bring some light into Heechul-oppa's dark and lonely life," Tiffany jokes and laughs loudly.

She reminds Victoria of Krystal more than Jessica does - comfortably outgoing and talkative, probably a residual part of growing up in America. They both speak quickly, loudly, too many words tumbling out with a smile and an easy familiarity that can be hard to find in Korea, where relationships are defined by age and how long you've known someone. Victoria still struggles sometimes but has found it relaxing to talk to Krystal and now Tiffany.

She casts a curious glance at Jessica, who is silent across the elevator, eyes faraway. She holds herself politely but distantly, and Victoria sends her an unsure smile when they step off the elevator on the twelfth floor. "Krystal speaks a lot of you," she says.

Jessica's eyes flick towards her at last and a smile curves her lips. "All bad things, I'm sure."

"No, it's obvious how much she looks up to you." Victoria can't help but think Jessica is so much prettier when she smiles, when the light dances in her eyes. "I have a lot to learn from all of you too, as sunbae."

Sunny laughs and pats her shoulder and Tiffany bounces down the hall. She stops short when the door to the stairwell opens and Jonghyun steps out, followed by Minho.

"Yah," she exclaims, startled, nearly tripping over her own feet.

"Hey clumsy," Jonghyun greets her with a little smirk. Then he notices Victoria behind her and breaks out into a full smile. "Noona," he exclaims, bowing slightly as he walks over. He wraps an arm around her shoulder and proclaims, in a seductive voice, "Noona is so pretty."

Victoria dissolves into laughter, like she always does. This has been their ongoing joke since they filmed SHINee's first MV together and she will never stop enjoying it. It's a little selfish but she does like knowing she is special to these boys, no matter how big and how famous they get. "Hi Jonghyun," she says and smiles over at Minho where he towers over Tiffany. She swears he's grown taller since she last saw him. "Hi Minho."

As a group, they approach the targeted door. It flies open after two knocks and Han Geng looks out at them. His expression is unreadable for a moment, brows furrowed, but it eases into a welcoming grin when Victoria waggles her fingers at him. Hi, ge, the gesture says sheepishly. I have no idea where this group of people came from.

"Hey," Han Geng says and includes the rest of the group in his smile this time. He pulls the door back as they pile in, one after the other.


"Oh," sighs Jessica, stretching across Donghae's bed. "Onew's not here."

"He was going out with some other people," Minho tells her from the foot of the bed where he's wrapped around Donghae.

Jessica sighs again and props a knee up, staring at the ceiling wistfully. Donghae tickles the foot still outstretched toward the end of the bed and she squeals, jerking away. "Donghae!" she exclaims as he dissolves into laughter. Minho's arms tighten around his chest and pull him back into Minho's lap, and the Minho's burying his shaggy head of hair into Donghae's neck.

"Our company's not good enough?" Donghae asks around the nuzzling.

Jessica kicks him lightly. "You two are disgusting. Get a room."

Donghae wriggles momentarily on Minho's lap and slides sideways until he can turn his face to Minho's. "We have a room," he says with a little leer, and Jessica groans and covers her eyes when Minho grins back and attaches their mouths.

"I should've stayed home," she moans from underneath the pillow she put over her face.

Minho makes a low noise in his throat and the soft, wet noises of a kiss ensue. Jessica reaches out her foot to kick them again, pleased when she hears the answering grunt.

"Slut," she accuses.

"Bitch," Donghae retorts affectionately.

There is movement at the foot of the bed and suddenly, a heavy weight lands on Jessica and she cries out, startled. The pillow is whipped away and she's left looking up into Donghae's grinning face. "I'll call Onew for you," he offers generously. "Or make Minho do it."

Jessica starts to swear at him but Minho has one long arm out and is pulling Donghae off her. She almost laughs at the look on his face, possessive and almost a little apologetic for it.

She sits up and pats Minho's cheek. "You can keep him." Then she gets up and leaves the room before Donghae can latch onto her and offer more unhelpful suggestions regarding her crush on Onew.

He was always too eager and nosy, she thinks, wrinkling her nose and pulling the door shut behind her. Hopefully, Minho will be able to distract him sufficiently.

For a moment, she leans back against the closed door and lets her eyes fall shut. She lets herself remember what it was like when Donghae first smiled at her, when he first kissed her... Her heartbeat stays steady, unmoved, until she lets her imagination replace Donghae with Onew. Her heart skips a beat and a warm flush rises. Putting her hands over her cheeks, Jessica smiles.

She's missed this feeling.


Heechul likes to talk and hold court, comfortable being in the center of attention, but that doesn't mean he's not observant. He licks soju off his lips as his eyes flit across Han Geng's dark expression. It's not hard to see that he's displeased; it's not hard to guess why either. Heechul knows Han Geng at least that well, if not better.

Three drinks in, Heechul starts calculating.


Tiffany and Sunny are chatting happily with Victoria and Han Geng doesn't know how to make them leave. He just wanted this night for him and her, just the two of them - is that so much to ask? Her hair, newly dyed and golden brown, spills over one bare shoulder. He just-- He can't stop looking. He's daydreamed too often about putting his mouth there, tracing his tongue along her clavicle, past the thin strap of her tank top, and tasting the little dip in her throat. He has wanted for a while now, and tonight was going to be the night, a little private celebration and a lot of liquid courage. He envisioned in his head how it was going to happen, how she would feel under his hands, how she'd kiss him back because he knows she wants this too but - but this, Victoria smiling at Tiffany, talking about her ballet training, was not part of the picture.

Han Geng pours himself a shot of soju and downs it without waiting for anyone else. He tunes out Heechul's prattling at Jonghyun with practice, rubs at his head. Tries not to glare too obviously at Tiffany.

Jessica wanders into the kitchen and Tiffany glances away from Victoria to ask, "So Siwon-oppa isn't here?" She sounds disappointed.

"Just Minho and Donghae over there," Jessica says.

"He's out with some of the others," Heechul drawls. He grins suddenly and pushes back abruptly from the table, standing. Han Geng looks at him and wonders what he's up to as he wraps a hand around Jonghyun's upper arm and reaches out to tug at Jessica's hair. She startles and bats at his hand.

"Oppa!" she exclaims, disgruntled.

"Come see this," he says as he walks past her into the living room. "Yah, all of you. I have this new movie I want to show you."

"Oh no," Sunny protests, making a face. "Is it a horror movie? Oppa."

"It's going to be a Japanese horror flick for sure," Tiffany confirms, but she sounds cheerful enough about it. Evidently she doesn't scare easily. Han Geng guesses it's from too much time around Heechul. That's probably why Jessica disappears after her dutifully as well, calling out to Heechul for the movie title. Sunny makes another face and pouts, but eventually gets out of her chair and drags herself after them when Heechul shouts impatiently, "Yah! Lee Sunkyu!"

Han Geng realizes after a moment what Heechul's done and his heart rate doubles. Heechul's always been his best friend, bastard that he might be. Han Geng should have realized what he was up to the moment he grinned, wicked glint in his eyes - Han Geng's seen it enough, after all.

Victoria looks torn between following the other girls into the living room and staying in the kitchen with Han Geng.

He reaches across the table and settles his hand on her wrist, nothing but a light touch. He smiles. "Hey," he says. This is it. This is his chance.

She blushes. "Hi."

"I think I promised you a drink," he says, switching to Mandarin. "Even if we're not going out, I can keep my promises." He gestures at the half-empty bottle of soju with his free hand, a question.

She's beautiful when she smiles her answer. "All right. Drink with me, ge."

He pours her a shot, pours himself one, doesn't care that he might be breaking all sorts of unspoken social rules by doing so. He doesn't care about the rules of hierarchy or drinking right now because all he can think of is the sparkle in her eyes. The pink of her lips. How he'd like to lick Mandarin and alcohol out of her mouth until she's breathless.

"Cheers," Han Geng says as he lifts his glass.

"Cheers," Victoria echoes, and he doesn't know when he fell in love but he never feels it as much as that moment, crystallized in the clink of their glasses and the warmth of her expression.


"You're a good hyung," Jonghyun whispers to Heechul under the cover of the movie and Sunny. Onscreen, the camera swings to reveal dripping blood, and Sunny jumps and squeaks, then buries her face in Tiffany's shoulder. Tiffany just laughs and pats her back, soothing. Jessica is staring at the screen, enraptured.

Heechul surveys them for a moment, proud. He's done well with his girls. Sunny - well, it's her own fault for not spending enough time with him. He really is the best hyung ever.

Well, oppa to her, he supposes. Regardless.

Heechul rubs Jonghyun's head, deliberately mussing his hair. "What a brat. I'm the best hyung ever, Dinosaur. And I never want to hear you say different!" Han Geng had better be making the most of his opportunity - and willing to share the next day. Heechul is never above prying. He figures it's a fair trade.


"Am I the best hyung ever or what?" Donghae says breathlessly as Minho wraps an arm tight around him, skin warm and sticky with sweat. He hooks a foot around Minho's calf and grins, rubbing a thumb across the flush of Minho's cheekbone. He likes it when Minho's like this, messy and undone and just for him. Donghae's not proprietary like Minho can be sometimes but, well, he can be a little smug in knowing that he's responsible for this.

"Best hyung ever," Minho agrees solemnly before catching Donghae's thumb with his mouth. He kisses it gently. "Shitty boyfriend though." He pulls back to laugh at Donghae's offended expression.

"Choi Minho," Donghae complains as his voice slides into a sulk.

Minho kisses him proper, mouth to mouth. "Best hyung ever and a passable boyfriend," he amends. His palm slides up Donghae's back.

Donghae is too occupied to manage a reply.

Passable? he thinks, insulted. Now that sounds like a challenge.


Jessica finds a text on her phone when she retrieves it from her bag after the movie ends. She reads it silently, bites her lip as her stomach flips.

Tiffany slides in behind her, arms wrapping around her middle as she props her head on Jessica's shoulder. Jessica holds still and lets Tiffany read the text.

Minho said you're over at SuJu hyungdeul's dorm. Now I'm really sorry I couldn't make it. Hope I can see you soon. :)

"Oh Sica," Tiffany breathes and squeezes her.

Jessica runs a hand through her hair self-consciously and puts her phone back.

She can't stop smiling.


Started: 2009.09.04
Finished: 2010.03.22

*Notes: This was wholly and totally inspired by a tweet hoyah made back in early September that she wanted some OnSica. Uh, this is barely that. But it did set off the chain of wanting to write SME fic... Anyway, I think this was actually the first time I wrote Minho/Donghae...but since I never managed to finish it, I posted up a lot of Minho/Donghae in the meantime. Cool story!

Also, uh, SME? SM Town? SM Incestuous Family Orgy?
Tags: crossover: f(x)/suju: hankyung/victoria, crossover: shinee/snsd: onew/jessica, crossover: shinee/suju: minho/donghae, f(x), shinee, snsd, super junior
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