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[Super Junior] QMiHae & HyukHae & YeBum & ShiChul

Commentfic, crossposted from here and largely unedited:

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never let go of these hands i hold, qmihae, pg, 853 words

Zhou Mi knows that he's not Kyuhyun's first love. It'd be stupid to assume something like that, when they've only known each other for, what, three years? And it's not like they fell in love upon first sight or anything. So Kyuhyun has had plenty of time to fall in love before - and Zhou Mi is one of those people who believe that the heart only grows bigger when it finds more people to love. There is no limit. There is always, always plenty of love to go around.

(He wishes sometimes he'd had a sibling because he wouldn't have been one of those kids who was jealous; he would've doted on his little brother or little sister - but that's neither here nor there.)

Anyway, the point is that Zhou Mi knows Kyuhyun's loved people before, the special kind of love that is more than just brotherly or platonic, and he knows that one of those people was Lee Donghae.

Sometimes Zhou Mi wonders if it should bother him more than it does, wonders if he's abnormal because he's not the jealous boyfriend, at least not when it comes to Donghae. It's not like Zhou Mi isn't afraid of losing Kyuhyun - he's terrified, if he tells the truth. He's scared of so many little things, as irrational as it may be, because he knows Kyuhyun loves him, knows it deep in his bones, from the way Kyuhyun smiles at him, touches him, says his name. But still, it's part of what being head over heels means - being scared of losing the best thing in your life.

So, yes, he's scared sometimes. All the time. But never of Donghae.

When Donghae cries, Zhou Mi's heart bottoms out and aches, and all he wants to do is wrap Donghae up in his arms and squeeze tight. He doesn't know if he has that right though, doesn't know if he's earned the familiarity. So he nudges Kyuhyun, hardly has to do so, because Kyuhyun will steal over to Donghae's side without a word and pull him close, tucking the older man's head under his chin.

Donghae is afraid of being alone and Zhou Mi - he doesn't know that feeling. He loves people, but he's never needed them the way Donghae has. (Maybe it's because he never had that sibling to share his parents' love and attention while growing up, never had to fight for it.) He doesn't know what it's like, but he still understands the need, and he knows what's really important: that Donghae isn't alone.

"I hate it when he cries," Kyuhyun says and the undercurrent of anxiety is clear in his voice. Zhou Mi smooths a hand across his back, stroking away the tension.

"I know," he says softly. "Me too."

So Zhou Mi pushes Kyuhyun at him, hovers around the edge as he watches Donghae take comfort in Kyuhyun's arms, always wishing he could do more. His eyes slip along the curve of Donghae's jaw and drops to the hollow of Kyuhyun's throat. He bites his lip as he takes in the glisten of tears of Donghae's lashes and the redness of Kyuhyun's mouth, bitten and worried by his teeth.

He pushes them closer together, physically, figuratively, because he loves them, he realizes. Loves them both. In different ways maybe - or maybe not so different. He just wants them to know that they have each other - that they have him, too, in a way. In a way where he holds them both precious in his heart, cherishes them.

"Mi," Kyuhyun breathes one night, lips grazing his. "Mi, let's--"

Zhou Mi kisses the words away, not sure if he's ready to hear what Kyuhyun is trying to say.

It's not until the day that the screams get to him, work their way under his skin like a splinter in his heart, a bitter pill on his tongue - that day, when Zhou Mi is fighting back his own tears and curled up on his hotel bed, Kyuhyun pushes Donghae at him.

"Don't let them get to you," Donghae says, sitting beside him with a dark, serious look in his eyes. "All of our true fans love you guys. They know how hard you've worked. They know how much we love you." And the words take on a different meaning when Donghae's hand drops to his knee and he leans forward.

Zhou Mi catches his breath, loses it in Donghae's mouth, sweet and gentle and unfamiliar. Kyuhyun watches them, quiet. Donghae pulls back with a smile - always smiling, so Donghae that Zhou Mi can't help the way the tight feeling in his chest loosens. Some things Kyuhyun can't manage to say, Donghae does freely, as easily as a fish slips through the water. His smile warms Zhou Mi from the inside and he links their fingers.

Kyuhyun approaches then, leans down, one hand on Donghae's shoulder, and licks the taste of Donghae out of Zhou Mi's mouth.

Love you, he says silently, as sincerely as Donghae says it out loud, with as much feeling behind it.

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the road to hell is paved, hyukhae, r, 1003 words

They fit together too well. Anyone can tell with just a look that there is something more than just rehearsal that eases the arrangment of their bodies together. Eunhyuk's legs part on instinct, allowing Donghae's thigh to fit between them. He leans back as Donghae leans forward, hips snug, chests grazing. There's a wicked curl of a smile on Donghae's face, his eyes dancing because he knows exactly what he's doing. Knows exactly how it gets to Eunhyuk.

Eunhyuk figures no one can blame him for the way his hips cant forward, into Donghae's, and the friction sends a jolt up the base of his spine. He bites his lip as Donghae leans closer, one hand grabbing his tie and wrapping it around his fist.

The heavy beat of Don't Don thumps in the background and, fuck, there - Donghae is a goddamned cocktease and he knows it. He's rocking his hips in time to the beat and Eunhyuk feels blood rush to his cock, swelling in his tight black jeans.

Donghae's tongue darts out, wets his lips. He's too smug by far.

Eunhyuk moves suddenly because turnabout is fair play, damn it, and Donghae's not the only one who knows how to move his hips. He lifts an arm, cups the back of Donghae's head and lets his fingers tangle in Donghae's hair. Then he's jerking back and Donghae tilts back, gasping and exposing his throat, a long, glistening line of flesh under the spotlights.

Donghae's hard too. He can feel the erection shifting and rocking against his own, heat and pressure through too many layers of fabric. Eunhyuk swallows hard as his mouth waters, longing to sink his teeth right into the soft flesh exposed by Donghae's head thrown back. Donghae's mouth is open, red and wet, in a soundless moan and Eunhyuk can hear the obscene sound in his head, like a memory and fantasy setting his blood on fire.

Then Donghae's hands are on the backs of his thighs, sliding hot as he tugs Eunhyuk even closer, fitting their hips together and aligning their cocks. A shudder wracks Eunhyuk as his vision goes spotty for a second, Donghae's palms sliding flat over his ass, fingers digging in hard.

"Hyuk," he pants, "Hyukkie." His eyes are almost black, pupils blown wide in arousal.

Eunhyuk has one hand still in Donghae's hair and the other works his way under the bottom edge of Donghae's wifebeater, craving skin. He curses the leather glove he has on and makes the best of it - drags the rough material along Donghae's sensitive side, wins a gasp and choked off curse.

And then there's the cold sensation of metal in the small of his back, where Donghae's bracelet grazes him, his hand working up under Eunhyuk's shirt and vest. Donghae leaves one hand there, the other still on Eunhyuk's back pocket, as if he's holding Eunhyuk in place as he rolls his hips and whimpers and falls apart in a sweaty mess before Eunhyuk's eyes.

Eunhyuk whimpers and bites his lip hard, thrusting frantically against Donghae. He's going out of his mind, god. He wishes their pants weren't in the way and he could get his hand on him, on Donghae, and they'd be slick with precum and maybe he'd spit on his palm so he could slide easier. And Donghae would have his hand there too, tucked between them, running into Eunhyuk's as they double-fist their cocks in a tight grip until they're coming apart, shooting hot and white and messy, and their come would be mingled as it stains them.

Eunhyuk's balls pull up tight and, fuck, he can feel the rising pressure driving him higher and higher until - Donghae leans forward and sucks Eunhyuk's bottom lip into his mouth, licks and bites and trembles underneath Eunhyuk's hands - and then Eunhyuk's coming, hips arching as he rides it out mindlessly against Donghae's thigh.

He kisses Donghae roughly, moves a hand to twist at Donghae's nipple through his thin wifebeater, and then Donghae shudders and moans and, god, Eunhyuk loves the way he looks when he comes undone. Loves the way he tastes and smells, musk and skin and sweat.

By the time he detaches his mouth from the side of Donghae's neck to look up, most of the members have wandered off to the other end of the stage, doing their own thing. Heechul catches his eye and rolls his eyes in disgust.

"You know all those times I've told you guys to get a room? I wasn't kidding around."

Siwon wanders up to them and helpfully distributes towels. "You guys should probably change," he advises, and Eunhyuk flushes. Donghae just grins and winks at him, squeezes his ass as he walks past.

God, his best friend is so shameless. Eunhyuk can't help a little smile, even though he knows he's still bright red. Donghae... The only one who can make him lose every inhibition during rehearsal.

"Sorry about that," he mutters as he passes Ryeowook.

And it probably means something that even Ryeowook no longer looks trauamtized, just sort of longsuffering. He hands Eunhyuk a water bottle and pats his arm sort of absently. "I'd appreciate it if you guys waited until after rehearsal next time, hyung," he sighs.

"Yeah, I know. He's just..." So fucking hot. Especially during all the aggressive confrontation and touching during Don't Don. Eunhyuk figures he doesn't need to say that though. Everyone's pretty much got it figured out by now. It's not the first time a Super Show II rehearsal has ended this way.

"Sorry," he says again and flees from Ryeowook's kind look. His jeans are sticky and he needs to change and - he stops as soon as he's backstage because Donghae is standing there shirtless and pantsless, probably waiting as the stylists find him another set of clothing but fuck. He's in nothing but tight black boxer-briefs. Eunhyuk stares.

Donghae smirks at him. "Hey."

Fuck. Donghae totally does it on purpose.

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can't help falling, yebum, pg-13, 1116 words

(Apparently Kibum likes fishing and climbing. I will interpret this broadly...)

Kibum meets Yesung at the gym where he teaches rock climbing. It's been a hobby of his for a long time and he never expected to end up working at the gym part-time training others, but it's nice because he gets a workout and free climbs, and it's always nice to have an income as a university student.

Yesung's never climbed before, gets called a total "newbie" by the guy he comes in with - tall as fuck, broad shoulders, great abs and if Kibum were the type to hit on clients he'd totally hit on this one. But Yesung just grins and jokes that he's a natural, he's so good even the walls will be impressed. Makes a lame joke about "rocking it".

Kibum smiles, more to be polite than anything, because Yesung's kind of a weird guy. Nice enough, and definitely cut - works out a lot, if his arms and calves are anything to go by. He's strong too, despite being significantly shorter than his friend (Siwon, Kibum learns by the third visit, and wonders why it took so long), and eager to try, always pushing himself, sometimes a little too hard. Kibum has to hold him back sometimes, say "no" firmly when he wants to push the angle of his climb a little steeper or go for another round when it's clear that he's exhausted, thighs trembling minutely underneath the harness and black spandex.

Strangely enough, he is a natural. He learns how to tie the knots, how to set up the top rope through the belayer, and soon enough he's talking about taking it outdoors. "Onto real rocks," he exclaims. "Manly rocks."

Kibum rolls his eyes but can't help grinning. The guy's grown on him over the past few months and they seem to click on a level that Kibum still hasn't managed with Siwon (who's gorgeous, yeah, smart, polite, fucking perfect - but apparently perfect isn't Kibum's thing, who knew?). They've gone out to get food together a few times afterwards and Yesung talks about how he's trying to get his demos taken in by the big studios and Kibum talks about his math and history majors and they decide one day that they should go on a real climb together.

"Want to try simultaneous climbing?" Yesung asks, eyes alight with excitement. "Fuck yeah, that'd be awesome."

"Do you want to die?" Kibum rolls his eyes. Yesung isn't at that level yet. "Let's start with some free climbing--"

"I'm totally--" awesome, Yesung probably intends to protest, but Kibum cuts him off with a pointed look.

"Lucky I'm not making you start with top-roping outside."

Yesung cuffs Kibum around the head but concedes without further argument. As much as he likes to talk big, he knows Kibum knows what he's doing and trusts him to make the smart decision. Still, he does like to point out that he's older and more experienced in some things.

So he drags Kibum to a strip joint that night, for the hell of out. Spreads his arms out along the back of the booth and smirks at Kibum's passive expression. "What? Never been, Kibummie? First time?" Draws out that last bit with a curl of suggestion.

Kibum knows he just wants a reaction, so Kibum doesn't give it to him. He can be kind a bastard that way. Instead, Kibum just lifts an eyebrow and leans back into the booth, affecting nonchalance. "Yeah, first time. But it's not like I've never seen bare skin before." The implication is unmistakeable, mocking: Not like I've never had sex before. Kibum's not as inexperienced as Yesung might think. Or hope.

Yesung's eyes are dark as he shakes a cigarette out of the pack on the table and brings it to his lips. He leans forward slightly as he flicks the lighter and touches the flame to the end of the stick, then he leans back, slouching.

The thump of the bass is sultry and heady. There's a girl on stage twisting in ways that aren't possible without a lot of stretching beforehand. She's in four-inch heels and very little else.

Kibum barely looks at her. He runs his tongue over his teeth, feels the beat of the bass thrum through him, settling low and aching between his legs. "Can I?" he asks, still going for casual, gesturing at the pack.

Yesung blinks - might almost be surprised. Kibum bites back a smile and helps himself to a cigarette, lets Yesung light him up. Doesn't draw back as far as he was before, leaning forward with his forearms on the tabletop between them. Yesung's eyes don't leave his and Kibum's cock twitches as he studies the way those lips are wrapped around his own cig. He blows out a slow, thin stream of smoke, lets it seep between his barely parted lips.

It's a stupid idea. Smoking is the worst enemy of anyone who wants to stay in shape or have a decent lung capacity. Kibum doesn't really smoke, not a lot - but once in a blue moon, he'll let himself. He can't really justify it to himself but he does it anyway. Maybe it's the atmosphere, seedy and sexual. Maybe it's the way Yesung looks at him. Whatever it is, it goes straight to Kibum's head, and makes him drunker than the beer that's still half-full beside his arm.

Yesung shifts and a knee brushes Kibum's, sending an electric jolt to his cock. Kibum sucks in a lungful of smoke as he feels himself swell and stiffen further in his jeans. Damn.

Yesung grins, fits his hand around the neck of his beer. "Cheers," he says, voice low and amused. Kibum bets he's a good singer (all this time and he's still never heard the guy sing). Bets he sounds fucking hot in bed.

He watches as Yesung tips his head back, throat working as he swallows.

Kibum wonders if he swallows.

The knee against his presses again, firmer, and Kibum's mouth goes dry. The cigarette trembles slightly as he taps it off in the ashtray and Yesung is staring at his mouth now, as Kibum lifts the cigarette back to his lips. He feels like he's free-falling, memory sensations of the few times the rope slipped or he missed a handhold, a foothold. There's no harness to catch him this time, no anchor or worried trainer calling his name, teaching him to know better next time.

No, this time - this time Kibum's just got Yesung looking at him. Smiling at him.

Silently offering him a chance to find out exactly how he sounds in bed and whether or not he swallows.

Kibum's not about to say no.

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hey mister, shichul, nc-17, 330 words

Ask anyone and they'll tell you that Siwon is a gentleman, a perfect paragon of virtue. They don't know the what Heechul does, though, and it's knowledge gained from being bent in half and pressed hard into a bed (or a door, or a wall - Siwon is just not that damned considerate sometimes). It's knowledge that comes with the burn of muscles in his thighs or his back, arms scrabbling to keep hold of Siwon's broad shoulders as he pushes into Heechul, slow but unrelenting, huge. It comes with the taste of Siwon's fingers in his mouth, salty flesh, callous-roughened, and the hard glint in Siwon's eyes as he flexes his hips and sticks Heechul's sweaty back to the sheets (or door, or wall).

Siwon's a gentleman in every way except the way he fucks, agonizingly slow and scorching or brutal, rough and fast. He leaves bruises in Heechul's pale skin, love bites and finger marks, all temporary tattoos of his desperation, the frantic hold Heechul has over him. And Heechul will pant and whine, words lost in unintelligible sounds; he'll gasp and choke off needy whimpers, only for Siwon to coax, low and hoarse, "C'mon, hyung, let me hear you, let me hear exactly how much you want this, how much you want me in you, fucking you, splitting you open." He doesn't mind when Heechul digs his nails in, doesn't mind when Heechul bites, because he's too busy thrusting his hips in deep, so deep Heechul doesn't think he'll ever forget the feeling of being so full, aching and heady and such a fucking turn on.

Heechul likes nothing better than to make Siwon lose control, lose the veneer of good Christian son and Prince Charming. Likes to arch back and make Siwon squeeze his eyes and groan, clutching Heechul that much more tightly, like a drowning man. It drives him crazy and makes him shudder and shake and come without Siwon even touching him at all.
Tags: super junior, super junior: eunhyuk/donghae, super junior: kyuhyun/zhou mi/donghae, super junior: siwon/heechul, super junior: yesung/kibum
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